Sabado, Agosto 23, 2014

Ruth's Pre-debut Shoot

I never been an organizer of any event. Thanks to Ruth, I can experience it together with my friend Miguel.

Today, we went to UP and Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park to shoot her pre-debut photos. Here are some of the photos taken:

I love her smile and her eyes. I consider it to be her best assests.

And her height is simply amazing. I would imagine her walking on the runway with the finest and glamorous season collection of the leading fashion brand in the country or one of the candidates competeting in Bb. Pilipinas! 😍 #Pangarap

She is just simply amazing. Look at this portrait. You might mistaken her as Angel Locsin. However, Ruth is unique in everyway which makes her set apart from everybody.

She's the sweet little girl that will soon turn into a lady. What's more? This girl is a daughter of the living God! She is Jesus precious princess! She is loved, highly favored and set apart from everyone.

Oh look! We had a picture together! I am blessed to have you Ruth! I love you! 😊😍❤️

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