Miyerkules, Agosto 13, 2014

Two kinds of guy in the Church

I originally saw this post from a friend who is an advocate of empowering the women. He posted this phrase and gave the two types of guy inside the church.

So what are the types of guy in the church?

1. Christian Boys.

You know them! They goof around and have fun a lot! Sila yung nasa youth group na chasing after their dreams, and nahihirapan pang mag decide ng course na kukunin. Sila din yung shifting mindset dahil di sigurado sa gusto nilang tahakin after collage.

Mahilig pang maglaro ang mga ito. Responsible? Yes. But not in all aspect.

Kung ikaw ay isang Christian Boy, you have to start putting yourself together and act like a man. Leave the childish behind. Tama na yung pagpapacute sa text at pagpaparinig ng FB status! Tama na yung panliligaw sa text at pagtawag-tawag sa cellphone! Tama na yung pagpapa cute sa loob ng church! Di ka nandyan para magpapogi. Real men are POGI, dahil nakikita at nag re-reflect si Jesus sa buhay nila. Tama na yung pagpapalipad hangin at mag desisyon ka if you want to pursue her. Tama na yung chasing after the wind and be objective sa mga goals mo. Tama na yung pagtatago mo sa palda ng iyong nanay. Tama na yung pagdepende mo sa iyong sarili at maging depende ka sa Panginoon.

Eh ano yung pangalawang type of guy?

2. Men of God.

Sino ang mga ito? Sila yung mga lalaking may Vision at hindi bisyo. Mga lalaking may Obedience sa Panginoon. Mga lalaking kayang tumayo sa kanyang mga salita at desisyon. Mga lalaking puno ng pananampalataya. Mga lalaking mahal ang Diyos with no reservation.

Men of God are not easily developed. Alam ng mga lalaking ito na bago sila nakarating sa ganung stage, nag daan din sila sa Christian Boys stage. Naging pasaway din sila at sakit sa ulo ng mga pastor at leaders nila.

Sila yung nag take ng challenge para mag grow personally at spirtiually. These are the men who stand firm in the name of Jesus.

These men went through thick and thin, several hardships and storms in life.

You know what! Becoming a man of God is a constant process and continuing progress of following Jesus. You don't need any checklist to be one. Only by His grace on which you stand, allows you to become a man of God.

What kind of guy are you?

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