Martes, Setyembre 2, 2014

My Song: Holding My World - Kristian Stanfill

My plans will fail. My heart falters. My being fails me. Everything about me, I count nothing. But God is so good. He redeemed me, gave me life and promised great things beyond my imagination.

I once failed. He brought me back on my feet. He secured me with His eternal words.
Then, I gained assurance, and motivation to move forward. He gave me breath to breathe.

I left home and tried to live on my own. I challenge myself to overcome my fear and get out of my stupid comfort zone and here I am blogging about my thoughts. It's been a week that I kept on listening to this song which serves me peace that comes from Jesus.

"This is my favorite part of this song:
I am your child, beloved
And all of my days, my future is laid in your promise
Jesus, to the end of the age
I am not alone or forgotten.

So I will not worry or fret.
My God is a God who will never forget
All of His goodness and all of His promises
He's holding my world in His hands."

In return to my parent's hard work, I am working. In return to God's faithfulness and favor to me, I am working with all my heart. I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. This life is not about me. It's about Him who saved me.

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