Biyernes, Setyembre 26, 2014

Dear Mr. Blogger

"Dear Mr. Blogger, I had a crush on you."

I met you last year in an event. I saw and find you attractive. There was something in your smile and in your eyes that captured my attention.

The next day, I search you on google, facebook, and twitter. I followed your social media sites. What happened next was, you accepted my friend request, and followed me back. I thought that was awesome but I feel like a complete stalker. Yeah, maybe I was. I knew that the feeling was meant to last for a short time, infatuation as people defined it.

I'm a fan of yours, I guess. We met before and I'm not really hoping that we will meet again. We may interact (in a limited way) through social media sites, and you might like some of my pictures too.

I hope we could be friends in person. :)

Your fan,

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