Lunes, Nobyembre 24, 2014

Gethsemane Prayer Mountain Experience

"Six in the morning was the call time, I woke up 7:45 and grace was all over me."

Our youth organization Area 5 Section 3 STDCCA was supposed to held our year-end meeting and 2015 vision casting and planning at  Gethsemane Prayer Mountain in Rodriguez, Rizal. But due to unlike circumstances such as unavailability, unresponsiveness and late, the meeting was moved to Jesus Unlimited God in San Mateo, Rizal.

I was certain I set the alarm of the my phone at 5:30 am. But, I was in a deep slumber and glued in bed. I freaked out upon checking my unreliable phone, it was 7:45 am. I am late and received more than ten sms and several missed calls. I'm doomed!

But God's grace was all around me. I was informed that the meeting was moved to another place, to our church. Of course, my bully co-leaders would scold me. But, grace prevails! Thank you Jesus!

L- Me (with the big fez), Anthony and the girl behind (forgive me, I forgot her name). R- Kuya Jim and our new found leader from Marikina, John Christian. **Pastor Mark was doing something so he missed the selfie. Hehehe**

But that was just an introduction of my adventurous and amazing Saturday. Kuya Jim and I left for Gethsemane at 12:15 pm with strong faith that we'll be able to catch up the service van by 12:30 pm but we're not able to get in time. We decided to commute going there. I almost forgot the way since my last visit was 5 years ago. We took the two tricycle to get there . We literally experienced ups and downs, smooth and bumpy rides. We felt like we were into another dimension... okay that was absurd. But, we were in an isolated area, far from the metropolis, far from the noise and pollution, far from residential houses and far from everybody. The place was not easily accessible by everybody. You need to call and ask for the schedule of the service van, else you'll end up like us.

The moment we reached GPM, it was like we won a lottery! Check our video here:

Pardon the shaky video and our deep breathe. We were seriously making fun of our exhausted being. We went there for 3 main reasons. One, to ask for the details of GPM inclusion on youth camp. Second, we went there to get connected to God. Third, to catch up about our personal lives and ministries. It was such a great experience. Mainly we discuss about God's favor on Kuya Jim's career path.  Little did we know that we're about to experience favor that day. God didn't want us to just talk about it, He intended us to experienced it.

The GPM:

The departure.

We didn't took notice of the time. We were suppose to leave by 3:30 and catch up the service van, but unfortunately we missed it. It was horrifying to think that we'll be walk down GPM and exhaust ourselves to death just to reach the highway. Transportation was possible in that area, since it's isolated. It is very seldom that tricycle would go in that place. So as we were leaving GPM, we noticed that a group of people were leaving the place too. They have a service vehicle, the king of the road, Jeepney. I was too shy to ask the driver to let us ride with the, I was hoping that he would just offer us a ride. After the agony of waiting, the jeep passed by without a word nor glance. WE'RE DOOMED! I'm preparing myself to walk a more than 2km journey. Kuya Jim seemed not worried at all. We both shouted "Holy Spirit, i-touch mo po yung heart nung driver, sana pasakayin kami!"
In my heart, I was hoping that a tricycle would be available for us but there's none.

Then we reached the foot of the mountain, an SUV stopped in the middle of the road. An old man was brushing off the dust of his car, seems like He was cleaning his car. I told Kuya Jim that I would ask the man, because it is really dreadful to walk in that place. (I have laptop in my bag and it was really heavy. Rain was about to pour out that moment)

I was walking, nearly approaching the man and said "excuse me, Sir-" not merely finishing my sentence, the man nod at me and his hand gestures said "come in, ride with me!"

Kuya Jim and I were speechless for a few seconds and smile was tattooed on our faces. God showered us favor. He let us experienced His divine provision. The man, who is a missionary pastor from Korea told us that God told him to stop. He even left a word to us, Moses said to Joshua, "As God was with me, I will be with you also!"

Meeting him was not an accident, I was able to share to him the burden that God implanted my heart. Something I want to do for 2015, something not easy and takes courage, faith and trust to Him. He said complemented both of us, our passion to seek God more and more in our lives. We were blessed and in that approximately 7 mins of ride with him, we felt joy and peace. God was with us! We were filled with so much awe that we forgot to ask his name! But we didn't forgot the selfie. I will never ever forget the face of this Korean missionary Pastor. 

Linggo, Nobyembre 23, 2014

Hunger Vs. Cravings

What to do if you are hungry? Simply, eat!
What to do if you are craving? Simply satisfy your appetite.

Recently I realized the difference between hunger and cravings.
Dictionary says that:

hun.ger - / 'həNGɡər/ n. is a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by the lack of food.
 And cravings on the other hand is: - /ˈkrāviNG/ n. is a powerful desire for something.

Nagugutom (Hunger) ako kapag hindi pa ako kumakain ng kahit ano, kapag wala akong almusal, tanghalian at hapunan. Masasabi kong nagugutom ako kapag kumakalam at nagra-rally na yung mga alaga ko sa tiyan. Nanghihina ako kapag wala akong nakain na kahit ano. Mainit ang ulo ko at madalas pag ako lang mag isa, tahimik at nag iisip kung saan ang pwedeng kainan na mabubusog ako ng sobra.

Nagke-crave ako kapag may gusto akong kainin pero hindi ako gustom. In other words, pag gutom ako, there's a need to eat  at pag nagke-crave ako, there's a want to be satisfied. See the difference? Naniniwala akong madaming babae na *pasensya sa term* tumataba kasi mas malaki ang cravings kaysa sa hunger. Isa ako sa mga guilty na iyon.

Nitong Friday lang, umuwi ako ng San Mateo galing sa Mandaluyong. Weekends lang kasi ako nasa bahay namin, dahil ako'y naka bedspace. (magba-blog ako about doon, very soon).

Pag uwi ko sa bahay namin technically Saturday na, dahil 12am na. Yung kapatid kong si Yanyan hinintay akong makauwi para may magbubukas ng gate at pinto sa akin. How sweet? Akala nyo lang yun kasi naghihintay sya ng pasalubong! Hahaha.

He asked me, "Ate, may pasalubong ka?"
I answered back, "Wala! Bakit nagugutom ka?" "Oo."

I checked the clock once again, it's 12:15am. I was thinking of sleeping, but I also want to do something extraordinary, a midnight trip with my brother and to mend his hunger and to satisfy my craving.

So we went out the house, sneaking like little rats crossing our fingers that Mom won't be awaken to scold us and we passed the first level. Walking under the vast of twinkling little stars is such an awesome moment. I always want to star gaze, and that time, my brother was enjoying the cold of the night and the stars above us.

Because the town was in a deep slumber, public vehicle was also at rest. We decided to walk (1.5 km) until we reach the Plaza, the heart of the town. No stores were left open aside from Seven Eleven, our saving grace. Too bad that the food we want to eat were either for pull out or out of stock. T'was very heartbreaking. We just decided to eat chips and get two bottle of soya drink instead. The midnight adventure was fun tho. :)

The face of happy travelers. Lol

Hello to our photo bomber. Hehehe :)

See the eyes of the sleepy head. Haha.

The Nganga pose. So jeje.

and the epic stolen shot. He always do that! >:D

Lunes, Nobyembre 17, 2014

Sabado, Nobyembre 8, 2014

Touch of Glory Experience

"How do you spend your weekend?"

This question does not really matter to me when I was a student. It was not even in my vocabulary. Nothing was so special about weekend. But my point of view changed when I left school and started to live in the undoubtedly tiring world of professionals. If school was tiring, this new world of mine is hundred times toxicated with deadlines and pressures. Then I learned to love and appreciate "weekends" from the bottom of my heart. Every inch of weekend is perfect, from bottom to top. *insert tone of all about that bass*

I spend my weekends with fruitful activities and ultimately, I make sure that I experience the hibernation process. Simply rest for two lovely days.

This weekend, I was suppose to unwind to the Summer Capital of the Philippines. However, due to the unlikely circumstances, I have to cancel my little trip. Then, my younger brother Jonis asked me to go to a quiet place. A place that is far from everybody, noise and distraction. So I decided to bring Jonis and Yanyan along with me to Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain in Antipolo, Rizal.

Huwebes, Nobyembre 6, 2014

I'm on Pinterest

Oh crap! I'm on pinterest people! I did create an account early this year however I find myself not fit to this site so I left pinterest and focused on FB, IG and TW. Well, main reason is that I don't know how it works! I see no relevance on pinning and why should I pin?

Then I tried to open it again and play with it and hooola! Now I know the essence of pinning! *yey!* *fireworks* *applause and cheer*

Welcome to Pinterest Eunice! Enjoy pinning.

Martes, Nobyembre 4, 2014