Sabado, Nobyembre 8, 2014

Touch of Glory Experience

"How do you spend your weekend?"

This question does not really matter to me when I was a student. It was not even in my vocabulary. Nothing was so special about weekend. But my point of view changed when I left school and started to live in the undoubtedly tiring world of professionals. If school was tiring, this new world of mine is hundred times toxicated with deadlines and pressures. Then I learned to love and appreciate "weekends" from the bottom of my heart. Every inch of weekend is perfect, from bottom to top. *insert tone of all about that bass*

I spend my weekends with fruitful activities and ultimately, I make sure that I experience the hibernation process. Simply rest for two lovely days.

This weekend, I was suppose to unwind to the Summer Capital of the Philippines. However, due to the unlikely circumstances, I have to cancel my little trip. Then, my younger brother Jonis asked me to go to a quiet place. A place that is far from everybody, noise and distraction. So I decided to bring Jonis and Yanyan along with me to Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain in Antipolo, Rizal.

We first checked the whole premise and then we separated to find our own quiet place.

This is the main building. Office is located here, then the church sanctuary, guest's rooms and cafeteria.

The fishpond with a turtle and koi fishes.

If you don't want to spend time praying in a room, consider this amazing and quiet place where you can seek God in an open area.

Another cool way to have a quiet time is in this place, the Prayer Hut. Just make sure that you are focus to pray. Do not get distracted by other people's prayer. 😁

If you are in group, consider this vast area where you could have your fellowship. This area is mostly dominated by people who came to have discussion or team building.

While I was there kanina, I thought about our youth and worship team. We must go here with them too!

Enjoy the view of tall trees and the cool breeze.

We also spotted this prayerful little cat.

And these two are the trolls on the little bridge. They're singing "We are the grumpy old trolls who live under (on) the bridge...if you wanna come over, all you have to do is this, all you have to to do is this! Lol

[L- R] Christian, Eunice and Jonis.

Check our video:


Our experience was superb! I never expected that my brothers would enjoy it. Truly, it is innate in every human souls to long for its Maker. Right after Jonis finished praying, he was very excited to tell me the words he received from the Lord and same with Christian. Both of them wants our youth to experience the touch of His glory.

For inquiries you may call 986-1527 or email them at
Day visit would cost Php 70.00 per head. It bad at all. Price is  very perfect!

Thanks for reading! God bless you. ^_^

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