Huwebes, Enero 29, 2015

Higpit ng Sinturon

Have you heard this old fashion statement from an elderly? I have heard this several times from my Mama and Papa, Nanay and Tatay, Dad and Mom, from my Titos and Titas, from Facebook, Twitter and blog posts. As time goes by daw, life is getting tougher and we have to do this "maghigpit ng sinturon."

Life when I was a student is really different from now that I'm earning money for myself. It's really tough as they say. Below is the comparison of my student life to working life:

Miyerkules, Enero 28, 2015

Where is this pressure coming from?

This certain pressure comes like a wind. You can't see it but you can feel it so strong! I feel like something's gotta burst. I always wanted to get higher education and last year was my stepping stone. I just finished college, but that doesn't give me a license to stop. I want to achieve more!

Miyerkules, Enero 14, 2015

My Bobbi Brown Story


Okay. Breathe. Let's rewind.

I was in SM Megamall this morning and obviously I wanted to buy a clothes for me and a gift for a friend that is about to turn eighteen. I wanted to give her makeup, so I checked first in Watsons which gives me great deals. Pasok sa budget! Then I check on some clothes which I will wear on her glamorous night. After awhile, I visited Mac and Bobbi Brown just to check the products there without any idea how luxurious they are! So I went there and ask for assistance and look for lipstick and a blush powder. When I was asking for the price, I only heard 3 digits. So I said, that would be fine with me. Then when  I went to the counter.... fast forward!

I got inked today

When I was a kid my Mom would say, "don't get tattoo, di ka masasalinan ng dugo! Tsaka panget yun!" Since then, I always thought that tattoo is bad and only for criminals and people who abide the law. But my mindset radically changed as I grow up. I realize that tattoo in the context of my generation is a form of art and in the time of Old Testament was a form of pagan worship.

Nonetheless of the meaning of tattoo, I frankly want to say that I really want to get a tattoo and at the same it, not wanting to get tattooed. Maybe for now,  Henna tattoo (not permanent) is okay and because I want to get the Name of my Savior inked in my skin and flesh. The fear of having real tattoos is obviously the reason why I can't have it now, because it's permanent. I can't change it anymore or remove it once inked. I just wonder, why would I be so fearful about something that is PERMANENT. Why would I fear having the NAME of JESUS inked in my skin permanently? Well in fact, I am His. So bottom line is, I can't still have permanent tattoos but henna will do. :)

Lunes, Enero 12, 2015

Martes, Enero 6, 2015

Lunes, Enero 5, 2015