Huwebes, Enero 29, 2015

Higpit ng Sinturon

Have you heard this old fashion statement from an elderly? I have heard this several times from my Mama and Papa, Nanay and Tatay, Dad and Mom, from my Titos and Titas, from Facebook, Twitter and blog posts. As time goes by daw, life is getting tougher and we have to do this "maghigpit ng sinturon."

Life when I was a student is really different from now that I'm earning money for myself. It's really tough as they say. Below is the comparison of my student life to working life:

Student Life
  • I have no problem with budget because I'm receiving daily allowance
  • I eat at Carinderia and I feel classy when eating in fast food
  • I have to save money to buy clothes, shoes and bags that I wanted
  • I have curfews
Working Life
  • I have problems with my daily budget and my daily expenses
  • I eat still in Carinderia but often eat in classy restaurants (sakit sa bulsa lalo na pag nayaya ang friends lol)
  • I have instant money to buy whatever I want. (kawawa nga lang ako pag di ako nagpaka wise)
  • I can go home late, even morning na. Like 1am or 5am, not because of gimmicks or night outs. Reasons may vary on the situation. Hehehe. But promise, it's not something that my parents would fuzz about.

There's a lot more! I am also able to treat my brothers, share with the bills payment at home, get to live on my own. (btw, I'm renting a space near my office)

So yeah, right now I have to do it, maghigpit ng sinturon because I have to be wise when it comes to finances. Let's get ready!!! :)

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