Miyerkules, Enero 14, 2015

I got inked today

When I was a kid my Mom would say, "don't get tattoo, di ka masasalinan ng dugo! Tsaka panget yun!" Since then, I always thought that tattoo is bad and only for criminals and people who abide the law. But my mindset radically changed as I grow up. I realize that tattoo in the context of my generation is a form of art and in the time of Old Testament was a form of pagan worship.

Nonetheless of the meaning of tattoo, I frankly want to say that I really want to get a tattoo and at the same it, not wanting to get tattooed. Maybe for now,  Henna tattoo (not permanent) is okay and because I want to get the Name of my Savior inked in my skin and flesh. The fear of having real tattoos is obviously the reason why I can't have it now, because it's permanent. I can't change it anymore or remove it once inked. I just wonder, why would I be so fearful about something that is PERMANENT. Why would I fear having the NAME of JESUS inked in my skin permanently? Well in fact, I am His. So bottom line is, I can't still have permanent tattoos but henna will do. :)


For those who really want to get inked, you better ask your self why would you want it. It's not something to rush for and not something that will tell who you are. You see people were judged because they have tattoos. Since, I have a radical change of mind, I would like to reach out this people. Just early today as I was getting my henna, the guy who's inking me really hates religion. Only then I found out that he was forced to believe into something that he don't believe in. He thinks that these religion are just getting wealth from people. He thinks people who say that tattoo is bad are Born Again and fanatic of their own religion. So I asked him, "why is it not allowed for Born Again to get tattooed?" He just said, "because their religion says it's bad." Then I asked him again, "If I get tattooed right now, would that count as sin,am I bad already? I am a Christian and also hates religion."

I told kuya that it's not about the religion you belong to, but about your direct relationship with God. I told him, "if you seek the truth, you will find it." If you want to read more about my henna story click here.

Bottom line of this henna story is that, God allowed me to go to that store for a very reason. I got inked because I want to always remember that Jesus is with me. I got inked not to worship pagans, but to give God glory. Let us not be legalistic like Pharisees rather, let us express everything in love and let the light of Jesus shine through us. Let us radically change the world. :)

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