Miyerkules, Enero 14, 2015

My Bobbi Brown Story


Okay. Breathe. Let's rewind.

I was in SM Megamall this morning and obviously I wanted to buy a clothes for me and a gift for a friend that is about to turn eighteen. I wanted to give her makeup, so I checked first in Watsons which gives me great deals. Pasok sa budget! Then I check on some clothes which I will wear on her glamorous night. After awhile, I visited Mac and Bobbi Brown just to check the products there without any idea how luxurious they are! So I went there and ask for assistance and look for lipstick and a blush powder. When I was asking for the price, I only heard 3 digits. So I said, that would be fine with me. Then when  I went to the counter.... fast forward!

"WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! Did I hear you correctly? How much?"

They are both staring at me as if wala akong kakayanang bayaran yung lipstick and blush power. I regain my composure.

"Okay. How much ulit?" the lady answered.... ****
I was talking in my head and I want to cry inside while getting the money out of my pursue. And the end. I just bought a Bobbi Brown for crying out loud!

Lesson learned: Be more attentive and ask several times how much is the cost of that product!!!

Let's just be happy.

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