Huwebes, Marso 26, 2015

Backdate: Once upon in El Nido, Palawan

I never thought I could visit Palawan this year. It was answered prayer when my uncle asked me to join the trip. Ever since I always wanted to explore and visit different places in the Philippines. My cousin Mak and I both wanted to travel, but we never got to do it yet. (soon I guess. Hehe)

I also have a secret to tell, that was my first time to ride a plane. I experienced pain in my ears as the plane went higher. My aunt said it was normal. Well, I just thought that I'll never ride a plane again, but naaah! I will again. Hahaha!

So after my work shift, I immediately went home and get my luggage then went to the airport. Excitement level 101%

Self-feet will never get old. Everybody does it anyway. :P

Meet our little traveler. My cousin, Keinne. Ready to board :)

We landed in Puerto Princesa Airport around six in the morning and guess what, I can't hear anything. I had a bad plane experience. I thought I'd lose my sense of hearing.

Pardon, my baboy face! Haha!

We went straight to a food store nearby the place to eat breakfast. Only one thing I hate- the mosquito bites. (sad face and insert *pantal* here) Then we waited for the service van that will transfer us to El Nido. It was a six-hour drive from Puerto Princesa.

In my entire existence, this is the only town I visited that honors the Living God. Hallelujah!

Tita Ana, Ate Pau and I staring afar, waiting for the van. (ang totoo, inaantok na talaga ako. Hehe)
We had some side trips and small stop over and of course, took some photos, too! (*wink*)
That's me. :)

And this is my view. Beautiful isn't!?
Then after a long tiring drive, we arrived lunch time under the scorching sun with our tummies grumbling to death! We were so hungry and went around the town to get something to each. Yey!


Beat the heat! Very refreshing.

After we had our lunch we went back to the hotel and took some rest. I tried to sleep but, I can't. It was around four in the afternoon, we decided to walk and take pictures. :)

Beautiful beach. :)

My family. :)

by the bay.

I had to take picture, sorry. :P

wonders of El Nido

El Nido

Tita Ana, Keinne, Ate Pau, Tito Uary and I.

Picture before we order our lunch. Our view is the beach by the way. :)

This is FREEDOM!! I deserve this! :)

With the mag nanay. :)

Streets of El Nido

Ukay mode

Selfie mode :)


One of the highlights of our vacation is the food trip. We had our dinner in a resto bar and they had a live acoustic session. Everyone enjoyed the music, but I can't just enjoy the music, I wanted to jive and be part of it. I asked the crew if they can allow me to sing along and they did. So I had my first live acoustic session in El Nido. (Everyone enjoyed the session, I think. Hahaha)

Putok Batok Gang

The girl behind me is the singer and her voice is really awesome.

Family picture


The Boat Ride :)


Unashamed! HAHA

I don't care about my size. HAHA

Forget the size. haha. Beauty comes in all sizes.


Cool right! And here are some side trip we had in Puerto Princesa. We visited Crocodile Farm, Mitra's Ranch and Baker's Hill.