Martes, Abril 28, 2015

The 75th PCGAG

This is not like the annual hunger games celebration you watch in big screens. That is a movie and this is reality of God's greatness among his people, not leading them to death but to eternal life. In Hunger Games, characters were fighting to death save their lives. However, in God's realm, he fought death to save us and to live with Him in eternity and while we are living we are running a race. We are also figthing a good fight of faith. We are unstoppable AND UNRESTRAINED children of the living God.

Philippine General Council of Assemblies of God celebrates its 75th Anniversary at MOA Arena, Pasay city on April 28-May 1 with more than five thousand people gathered coming from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

I am greatly thankful and humbled to be part of this historic event.

Biyernes, Abril 24, 2015

Dear FH

Dear F.H.,

I can't fully tell you how excited I am to meet you, though I really haven't met you yet. Apart from a strong agony of waiting that seems forever, I'm kinda wondering how God will plot the directions of our feet towards each other. This is the very first time I'm writing to a person who has a vague identity. You are a complete stranger to me, someone I don't really know and it's so exciting to meet you. Years ago, I have mistaken you for a wrong person. I thought he was you, but he's not. I just want to express my utmost apology. I believe you have a big heart to forgive. ;)

Miyerkules, Abril 22, 2015

Give thanks to people! (Part 2: Area 5 Leaders)

Hindi pa naman ako mamamatay! Pero gusto ko lang talaga mag appreciate ng mga tao sa buhay ko.

"Never take a person for granted, hold every person close to your heart cause you might wake up one day and realize that you've lost diamond while you were too busy collecting stones" - Anonymous

Giving thanks to people!

I had a strong gut feeling to give thanks and appreciation to certain people in my life that made a great impact for who I am now.

To Mrs. Juvelyn Orbiso, my high school teacher. Thank you for leading me near to Jesus. Ikaw po ang ginamit ng Lord para tuluyan kong i-surrender ang buhay ko sa Kanya.

To Pastor Bong Repulleza Jr, my youth pastor. September 2010, nag pray kami na bigyan kami ng Lord ng someone to help us grow in faith and in ministry then you came along. Salamat po sa lahat naituro nyo sa akin. Thank you po Tay.

Martes, Abril 21, 2015