Linggo, Mayo 24, 2015

Biyernes, Mayo 22, 2015

Hopia si Wendy

Paasa n. filipino slang informal. Tawag sa isang tao/bagay na nagbigay pag-asa para makamit ang inaasahan pero sa dulo nang iiwan.
Hopia n. gay lingo. informal. Tawag sa mga hopeful at pa hopeful.
Gutom akong pumasok sa opisina kaninang umaga. Late na nga ako e. Then one of my colleagues was browsing metro deal and she was looking for great deals on food and restaurant. I was sneaking at her monitor and saw the awesome deal of Wendy's BBQ Pulled Pork Brioche for P99 only. Using such powerful persuasion, Meg successfully influenced the team to buy the burger and placed an order via metro deal.

After printing the voucher, we waste no time and hurriedly went to Wendy's Shaw. As soon as we approach the counter, big smile flashed and tummy gone wild. Umaasa kaming makakain namin ang burger na ito pero nang dumating ang supervisor nila sinabi nyang May 28 pa ang effective date ng voucher.

My heart was torn into pieces and my tummy gone wilder. I was disappointed and I blame my excitement and stupidity for  not comprehending the terms in the voucher. Imbis na burger, hopia ang napala ko. Hopia dahil, paasa si Wendy. Akala ko pwede na hindi pa pala. Despite of it, I learned my lesson. Wag kang aasa kung di ka sigurado.

Biyernes, Mayo 15, 2015

4 things I learn when my Boss/Friend talks to me

I was having a serious conversation with our company director early today. We discuss about challenges in the workplace in every department. In that moment I did not come to him as an employee but as his friend. So we randomly talked about it and somehow encourage ourselves to keep moving forward. After that conversation, I feel like I have to write the things I learned from him.

  1. Even the best fall down sometimes.


    Oh yes, Howie Day sung it correctly! I often see bosses as the best people in the corporate ladder because they can never be in that position without doing the best that they can. And so, even the best people in the office is having a down fall in particular season of their lives. Superman is not even invincible, so are we.

Martes, Mayo 12, 2015

Outtakes from Youth Connect Weekend

Hi to everybody who reads this blog (as if there's anyone), let me share some of the outtakes from Youth Connect, our youth weekly gathering in church. If you have friends who lives near by San Mateo consider visiting us every Sundays 4:30 in the afternoon at #117 Gen. Luna Street, Guitnang Bayan II, San Mateo, Rizal. It's gonna be a lot more fun with you there.

Lunes, Mayo 11, 2015

Huwebes, Mayo 7, 2015

Random question that made my brother mad

I just got home from a tiring day at work. I immediately put the cake I bought for mom in ther fridge and headed back where my two brothers laid down, resting and getting ready for bed.

I approached my brother, Yanyan and asked how his day was. His answer seemed to be not exciting as he was before. Maybe nothing much happened today. Then I told him random stories that would make him appreciate Mommy, because this coming Sunday is Mother's day celebration.

I told him that I ordered a bouquet of flowers for mommy to surprise her on Mother's day. It's going to be special because it will be delivered during Sunday service at church. Then I told him a story about my friend's mom who is currently battling against stage four cancer. I told him that in order to gain long life, the Bible says love, honor and obey your parents. Furthermore, I added that life is so short, therefore we should appreciate our loved ones and make them feel that they matters to us. Then, I randomly asked him a question.

Linggo, Mayo 3, 2015

Biyernes, Mayo 1, 2015

Where is your Palabra De Honor Ate?

Hunted by my cruel thoughts, I wrote this blog.

It was Sunday when I spoke to a group of girls in our youth ministry asking them to come with me on May 1st to pray in Antipolo at Touch Of Glory Prayer Mountain. Everyone was excited and spread the news as fast as the wind to the other members of the youth ministry. Coming with an expectant heart and as excited hungry beings, we'll come to TGPM.