Biyernes, Mayo 15, 2015

4 things I learn when my Boss/Friend talks to me

I was having a serious conversation with our company director early today. We discuss about challenges in the workplace in every department. In that moment I did not come to him as an employee but as his friend. So we randomly talked about it and somehow encourage ourselves to keep moving forward. After that conversation, I feel like I have to write the things I learned from him.

  1. Even the best fall down sometimes.


    Oh yes, Howie Day sung it correctly! I often see bosses as the best people in the corporate ladder because they can never be in that position without doing the best that they can. And so, even the best people in the office is having a down fall in particular season of their lives. Superman is not even invincible, so are we.
  2. Asset vs. Liability


    Have you ever feel uneasy towards a person that burdens you to death? Assuming that yes you had experience this feeling and don't like to get associate with this type of person, let me ask you again: Do you want to become a burden to others? I might get a BIG NO to this because 99% of people don't want to be a burden to others.

    In a corporate world, this principle masquerade in two magical words: asset and liability. Ask this to yourself, am I being someone that contributes benefits to my company or someone who becomes an obligation and a burden to my company? If you don't want to be liability/burden to other people, including your family, friends and even your job- then become an asset and start becoming a person that produces good results through words and actions. Speak life to people.

  3. People come and go. Altogether sing! Let it go!


    Acceptance is the key to move forward. Some people will come and some will go and eventually you'll get to meet another person that will repeat the same cycle. But blessed are those who stayed for they will receive salary appraisal and benefits!  But kidding aside, staying and maintaining in a job is not as easy as it looks like. It will cost you great patience and endurance. It will sometimes stretch your character to the limit until you have no more strength and all you have to do is to let go. Surrender it to the One who supplies your strength. Once more you'll be reminded that you can't conquer the situation with your own strength, you need God and a team to help go through it.

  4. We all need a friend.

    Yes we do. So get your friends now and talk to them.

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