Linggo, Mayo 24, 2015

I'm a work in progress

So often I am being misunderstood. Some people were assuming that I'm living a  perfect christian life with straight A's of righteousness and not even had a stain of sin in me. NO! I AM NOT PERFECT because just like you and everybody else, I fall short of God's holiness.
I am a sinner needed to be save. I am not as good as you think I am. I have short comings and failures and at most times I ended up  as a fallen. But God is so ironic that He uses my imperfections to point Him glory and despite of who I am He can use me, my life and my story as a message of hope to the hopeless. He can turn my mess into a message. He can turn my failed test into a testimony. He can transform my trials into triumph. Wow! He is a God of all wonders.

And just like this man, Jon. I am a work in progress and so do you!

2 komento:

  1. This article encouraged me to be persistent and continue the good fight.

    I've always been amazed by how strong you are in faith, and how having a job never distracted you from pursuing God. Keep it up, Eunice. Keep on inspiring others and directing them to God.

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you Miguel. Your comment means a lot. We are both a work in progress. God's grace is sufficient for us. :)