Linggo, Mayo 3, 2015

Unrestrained Friends

I gained a lot of friends from the usher and security team of PCGAG and it made me happier to see my co-leaders on the last day of the event. Here are some outtakes that I sneaked in while I was in duty.

L-R Jheff, Jim, Ericka and Dan

Blurry photo

Blurred photo too. We're walking kasi nyan

AP Media booth with Ate Alena

The face of.... I dunno. What were you thinking here, Ate Ekars? :D

Somebody sabotage us here. Whoever you are... nothing. Hahaha.

more blurry photo

blurry again

Malabo ba sya? Malabo ka din kasi. Hahaha #Whogoat


Di mo ako makita? Malabo ka kasi. #whogoatulit 

Wag na sad, Ate. :)

Jheff stares like a boss. Hihi.

With the legend.

With the legend

2 am dinner @ KFC. All stores we're closed in MOA so we decided to eat nalang sa Philcoa

Ako na blurred. :D

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