Biyernes, Mayo 1, 2015

Where is your Palabra De Honor Ate?

Hunted by my cruel thoughts, I wrote this blog.

It was Sunday when I spoke to a group of girls in our youth ministry asking them to come with me on May 1st to pray in Antipolo at Touch Of Glory Prayer Mountain. Everyone was excited and spread the news as fast as the wind to the other members of the youth ministry. Coming with an expectant heart and as excited hungry beings, we'll come to TGPM.

"It is holiday on May 1st", I said to myself. Holidays are not in the vocabulary of the people in the office, so we'll keep on working while everyone is enjoying their long weekends out of town in the far jaw-dropping beautiful land of the Philippines. But before this day arrived, I managed to organize my plans, like we'll be going to TGPM by six in the morning and leave the place by ten. However, due to my commitment with PGCAG, I wasn't able to pursue this plan.

Was there a point in your life that you get disappointed because the plan was not executed? Like when you plan to travel in the beautiful north provinces in the Luzon, but at the last minute it was cancelled because someone back out?! Yeah, I know how you feel. You might bursting with anger, disappointments and cursing words towards that person. I can't blame you. I can't stop you form your disappointment. It's normal that you feel that way.

It is normal that I assume that the girls are disappointed on me. I cancelled our trip to TGPM. And even if I had an acceptable reason, my words are not reliable anymore.  I remember one time when one of those girls turn to me and said, "Ate wag ka po magbibitaw ng words na hindi mo kayang tupadin. Nag e-expect po kasi sila/kami." This actually hit me to death! Where is my word of honor?

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