Martes, Hunyo 9, 2015

Exactly my thoughts

I was foolish for a period of time and I am moving forward. Di pwedeng habang buhay akong tumambay sa nagawa ko. I am following the direction of my Creator. Why? Because I live for a reason and for the glory of the Creator of the universe.

Have you ever did something stupid? Have you felt the same? Have you ever thought of the same questions? First, it's okay to ask questions and it's also okay if you can't answer them right away. Take a deep breathe and pray. Lift up all your thoughts and questions to God. His ever increasing power shall surpass the disturbance you had inside of you. Second, trust and depend on His power. Be still and know that He is God. Life with God is full of  precious gift filled with blissful experience and awesome moments and memories even if sometimes it could be hard. Some unfortunate events might happen. But come and ponder about this scripture written in Genesis 50:20 about the story of Joseph who had gone through severe pain and hardships in life:

You intend to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Looking at Joseph's life mishaps and victory, I could say that we are not alone. This man, Joseph, could have asked the same questions too. But look at his story and the great things he did for Egypt, through him the entire country lived and survived. He was reunited with his family in the end. Hard as it might be on the surface because we can't see the big picture of the season we're going through but when we look beyond the it, this is also a great season to depend, lean and trust the Almighty God. Another testimony is loading and awaiting to be heard for the Glory of God. Remember, it shall pass. :)

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