Lunes, Hunyo 22, 2015

Shifting Paradigm

It's a shifting paradigm.
It's like a movement of waves
Into the highs and lows of the vast oceans

It's a shifting paradigm.
Nothing is everlasting and
change is irresistible like death

It's a shifting paradigm
from the highs of ecstatic to
the lows of melancholy

It's a shifting paradigm
when senses make sense
and when reality becomes surreal

Sentiments is a shifting paradigm
and decisions too.
When the unloved became loved and
when the rejected became accepted.

Season is a shifting paradigm
it's never the same way twice.
Seize each momentous pace of life

One thing is not shifting and remained the paradigm of forever
God's love that abide in the vast space of eternity,
less is flesh and more of His.

A shifting paradigm from earthly things
to heavenly realms.

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