Huwebes, Hulyo 16, 2015

Some self reminder

It is very important that we soak in ourselves to God's word. It affects, changes and transforms us in all aspects of life. Recently, I have been very impatient and short tempered, then this morning the Lord reminded me of 1 Corinthians 13:4-13. (NLT)

I changed the word LOVE and replace my name. I did this before with NIV translation but when I used the NLT version, I was dumbfounded.

Eunice is patient and kind. She is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. She does not demand her own way. She is not irritable and she keeps no record of being wronged. She does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. She never gives up, never loses faith and is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance.

So yeah. you can also do this and see for yourself that you are created to be amazing. You are created in God's image and you are His masterpiece. You are loved and God is calling you to love like He does. God bless you!

Music List: Come as you are

I discovered this song of Crowder that strikes my heart so much. This song is obviously for all people who experienced burden, shame, brokenness, hopelessness, hurt and in sorrow. People who are weary and tired, people who needs peace and healing. This song caters all the emotion that suffice a sinner's feeling and it captures the listener's personal experience of such situation.

What makes it more awesome is that the song did not jut presented the situation of the people in the fallen world, but gave them a solution. The One man who laid down His life for the love of humanity. The song invites the people to come as they are and whoever they are because God can heal everything. Let me share the song to you. God bless you!

Martes, Hulyo 14, 2015

Crying helps but won't solve anything

It's okay to cry it out. It surely helps when you to release when feeling down but one thing I want to remind you, as I remind myself when I'm caught in this kind of emotion and situation is that crying is not your solution. Sorry, but it will not resolve the situation, even if you cry tons of tears.

It can help you release the emotion and be calm.

Martes, Hulyo 7, 2015

Todo list for the rest of the year

It's 7th of July and it's already half of the year. Six months passed and I want look back what I have accomplished so far. Seven things I am thankful for:

  1. Job regularization.
  2. Plane travel going to Palawan, went to Taal lake and traveled more than 24 hours in the road.
  3. I experienced failure in my MA degree, nonetheless, I'm still gonna pursue it!
  4. Enlarged my Christian network friends
  5. Job promotion in a year. :)
  6. I have my savings already. Yey!
  7. God answered and gave me the man I am praying for a long period of time. :)
Now, there is another six months left before this year ends. I want to list down what else I want to accomplish this for the rest of the year:
  1. Save more
  2. Attend APYAC conference in Baguio
  3. Enroll for MA Class. Go lang nang go!
  4. Publish more blog posts
  5. Visit a museum
  6. Write a song
  7. Travel with him <3
  8. Win souls and start a life group in the office

I hope I could cross-out all these list by the end of the year. I know life will be more and extra exciting because of our Lord Jesus Christ. :)