Martes, Hulyo 7, 2015

Todo list for the rest of the year

It's 7th of July and it's already half of the year. Six months passed and I want look back what I have accomplished so far. Seven things I am thankful for:

  1. Job regularization.
  2. Plane travel going to Palawan, went to Taal lake and traveled more than 24 hours in the road.
  3. I experienced failure in my MA degree, nonetheless, I'm still gonna pursue it!
  4. Enlarged my Christian network friends
  5. Job promotion in a year. :)
  6. I have my savings already. Yey!
  7. God answered and gave me the man I am praying for a long period of time. :)
Now, there is another six months left before this year ends. I want to list down what else I want to accomplish this for the rest of the year:
  1. Save more
  2. Attend APYAC conference in Baguio
  3. Enroll for MA Class. Go lang nang go!
  4. Publish more blog posts
  5. Visit a museum
  6. Write a song
  7. Travel with him <3
  8. Win souls and start a life group in the office

I hope I could cross-out all these list by the end of the year. I know life will be more and extra exciting because of our Lord Jesus Christ. :)

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