Martes, Setyembre 29, 2015

Forget me not

Forget me not.

The heart whispers as it leaves the place once called home. Remember the early days that we exchanged love letters and dreamed big for the both of us. The world was cruel and place you to another side of the world while I am left hanging here. We grew apart, but I am sure that you left a very important trail in my heart. Time passed by and I saw you again, felt like something needs to start over again. 'Let the chasing begin,' exclaimed by the heart, that was excitedly breathing and pumping blood to every part of my body.

I heard you'll be back for a while so I grab every opportunity and gathered all the courage in me to finally see the woman I long to be with. I collected all the memories that remind me of you, all the letters I've been holding on to. Maybe, just maybe you'll remember how we felt back in the days. I want nothing but you and there's no one I would rather be.

The day I was waiting for came. I bought you flowers and prepared everything. I handed the bouquet and started the conversation. 'It has been a while. How are you?' and you responded with many amazing stories about your big adventure outside the country. My heart was trembling and my voice were shaking as I asked you the make or break question. 'Is there a chance that we could be more than friends?'

Your lips were moving but I'm not hearing any words at all after I hinted the answer no. I expected the worst so that the impact of being rejected would not hurt me at all. I returned back everything to you and walk out the door. My heart lets go from holding you.

The thoughts of what ifs haunt me down to sleep. What if I waited more? What if I pursue you rather than raising the white flag? What if it could have been us?

All these thoughts I buried under the deep sea of unrequited love and burned all the emotions down in the ground like ashes gone by the wind. I know someday I'll be fine, but I can never forget about you even if I want to.

The writer's side note.
I wrote this for someone who might be wanting to write about their unrequited love story. Hope you guys liked it. I would like to also dedicate this song for them who successfully restored the good old days. Those who go back in time. Cheers! :)

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