Miyerkules, Setyembre 16, 2015

Keep fighting a good fight

Long day? Tough times at work? Hellish school works? Tons of house chores?

I discovered that each season has its own struggle. When I was student my hard days were beating the deadline and beating myself to death procrastinating.

When I left home for six months, I experienced that home chores was also a struggle. Please also add the financial management. Like, duhh? My salary can't even support a family. I have to be responsible for myself.

When I hate my work and felt like my passion run out dry, it was also a struggle between staying and leaving. My good friend, Chico and I discussed about our struggles. We both agreed that it's too early to quit and the only enemy that we both need to overcome is ourselves. Both of us are highly emotional and our decisions are can easily get swayed by our worries, doubts and unbelief. What we think and feel affects our core attitude and eventually our actions.

As I was traveling home, I encountered a song by UNSPOKEN. Good fight is the title of the song. A question popped- how can I fight a good fight if I'm having defeated mindset? I wrestled with my thoughts like I always do.

The song says that until the day we die, we fight. Life must keep on going because all throughout the journey, our good Lord Jesus is there with us. I remember one inspirational quote from my favorite blogger, Jon Jorgenson. He said, it's not the destination that matters but the journey itself. I even tweeted his exact words. :)

This is a post from someone who is most of the time on the edge of giving up. I want to remove it from my options. Giving up.




and embrace this season. Embrace your weakness and let God's strength be displayed in your life. Keep fighting a good fight of faith! 

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