Lunes, Nobyembre 9, 2015

Initial Goals for 2016

It's time to plan for my 2016. Few weeks from now, I'll say goodbye in 2015, so as early as now I'm preparing my plans and goals for next year. I had a post of the to-do list for the rest of the year. And I posted there 7 things I am thankful for and another 8 things I'd like to do in 2015. So far I crossed out 2 things out of 8. Well, I don't feel bad for not accomplishing those goals, but of course, I wanted to cross out more to do's as much as possible. Hehehe.

As I was going through my today's tasks, I visited a website that inspires me to accomplish next year. From the past few months, my director has been encouraging me to get involve in business and invest in my career growth. Maybe it did not sink in immediately but now I have some goals for this area of my life. So here we go:

1.I want to get a certification in Marketing Profession.

I still want to pursue my MA studies, but due to lack of funds and time to do it my other option for the meantime is to get certified in this field. This is my professional investment. Of course, I need to prepare for this and review as often. I'm planning to take the exam by March or April next year. Pray for me, please.

2. I want to build an Online Business Solutions

Since I'm in Digital Marketing and has been working in this field for over a year, I'm taking the risk of starting a small business together with my friends. I'm learning basic SEO, Web Designing and Web Branding/Rebranding, Social Media Campaign, Lead Generation and Creative Writing.  I'm aiming to get clients who are fond of outsourcing services, but I'm also open for local clients. Let's see how this business will go through. :)

When do I plan do execute this? Right after my RMP certification. BTW, I need to buy a new laptop for this. So I have to prepare my savings. Hahaha! :)

3. I want to invest for a family business, too!

I'd like to invest for a family business, too! I want to encourage my Dad to kick off a small business that will help our family's daily expenses. This is a vague plan, but we'll get there anyway.

So here are my top 3 initial goals for 2016. I know I will edit this post and probably add more. Hehehe! Cheers for 2016! Yey!

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