Miyerkules, Nobyembre 4, 2015

The haunted thoughts

This picture sums up the thoughts I have right now. My mind has its own life and that's why I make it captive to Jesus. Times like these are my weakest point. So, I blog to release the tension in my mind.

The reality also haunts me. Pressure is on and there are deadlines to beat. How come I can still manage to blog? Haha. Funny tho,

All I want to do right now is to rest and shut my head from overthinking. I want peace.

I wanted to vent out my thoughts like:

What if my boss doesn't like the result?

What if we'll be late for the deadline?

What about the other projects? Can we push it through till next week?

What if my subordinates left me hanging in the air?

What about my other commitments outside work?

What about the event this Saturday?

What about.. What if..

I'm alone. I need help, God.

I need help.

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