Martes, Nobyembre 3, 2015

When my words are...

Caught off guard. Often times, I'm caught off guard and dug my own grave. I lost. Sometimes my words are not reliable anymore. Sometimes it's empty and dead. Sometimes I can't even trust my words.

It is as if each phrase had a deadly incurable disease and scheduled to meet its final hour. Words are dead and so am I.

But out of this dying emotional rants about my words, I found its irony. Who would have thought that the antidote is also the problem? It is word war. word versus Words. My words versus His Words.

When my words are unreliable then I found His words unshakable.
When my words are incomplete then I found His words fulfilled with promises.
When my words are dumb then I found His words with insights and wisdom.
When my words are incurable then I found His words healing and restoring.
When my words are empty then I found His words full.
When my words are dead then I found His words alive and active.

And so my words die as the day passes by and death to self-took place then, His words came to my life. His words are unshakable, fulfilled with promises, filled with insights and wisdom, restoring and healing, it is full and complete. His words are alive and active. It clings from flesh to bone down the roots of the human soul.

The Word is Him, who is, who was and is to come.

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