Biyernes, Disyembre 4, 2015

Think about Him.

Think about Him
when things are right and not
when everything is full of color and
when everything is nothing but shades of grey.

Think about Him
when the ecstatic of life blossoms
when life is nothing but full joy
and nothing can't stop you from reaching what you are dreaming of

Think about Him
when your thoughts are clouded with worries, fears, and insecurities
when you are all alone or with everybody be filled with His presence

Think about Him
when you have no one else to think about or
when you have nothing else but Him. Think about Him.

Think about His love. How magnificent, astounding, and everlasting love.
Think about being with Him in forever clasps in the strongest vow of eternity.
You can never be separate from Him. You are His since the beginning of the time.
You are His and will be for Him alone til the end of the age.

Think about His plan. How strategic, flawless and perfect it is!
Think about living according to His authorship, your life mapped by His own fingers.
He can never be wrong! He planned your life since the world began and it is wonderful,
even if sometimes You can't understand, hang on to His promises.

Think about His greatness. Is there anything too hard for Him?
Is there anything impossible for Him?
Is there anything that He is not in control?

Think about Him. Who is, who was and is to come. Remember Jesus every moment of your life. J.E.S.U.S. Remember what He accomplished on the cross. Think and remember about Him.

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