Biyernes, Enero 8, 2016

Five thoughts on 2016

Happy New Year! This is my first blogpost for this year and I'm very much excited to write down my thoughts and plans for 2016. Before the year ends, I went to Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain together with my youth group in church. We shared amazing testimonies, shed tears and uttered praises and thanksgiving to our Maker. Jesus has been so awesome last year and He will do more this 2016.  I'll be sharing the top five rhema word I received this year. Are you ready? I'm excited, let's do this!

  1. FIX YOUR EYES ON JESUS. (Hebrews 12:2)

    Last 2015, I was so much distracted by the world and everything in it. I was demotivated at work. I lost my passion towards youth ministry and settle for less, when I can actually give my best. I was more focus on "what I felt" and what makes me comfortable. It made me selfish. I lost my gaze on Jesus. I was more concerned about how can I get more money to help my parents which turned me to be come self-sufficient and not dependent on God. It was tiring, too! I was more concern about reaching places and travelling for leisure. (Which is not bad actually) With too much distractions, I lost my purpose and lost the track. I was lost. But one thing I did to get back on track is to remain. I remain in Jesus, even if sometimes I felt He is way too far from me. I remain while I struggled within myself. I remain praying when at most times I felt like disconnected. I remain serving despite of being frustrated about all things. So yeah, I remain and in the process I discovered that when you are lost, you don't depart yourself to the things that will help you find your way towards home, right? You look for ways that will help you to go home. So I remain in my quiet time with God, in prayer, in fellowship and in faith-related activities. I needed them to remain in Him.
    One of my prayers during APYAC conference was, "Jesus, I'll fix my eyes on you" and this year I wanted that. I desire it. I had enough selfishness in 2015, and I love God to strip me off of my selfishness and die in myself so He can live in me. I want people to recognize Jesus in my life and He is the center of my every season.

  2. BEAR FRUITS (John 15:16)

    I remember  a good quotation which says, "do something today that your future self will that thank you for" and for me bearing fruits is segmented into two: inside and outside. Inside compromises my character and ability to love and understand more people. Bearing fruits inside is less of me and more of Jesus. It's becoming Christ-like. Outside is more about influencing, encouraging,  teaching and discipling people towards Christ. I'd like to commit on establishing our youth to grow deeper in relationship with their Saviour.

  3. JOY (1Thess 5:18)

    I believe that joy is a by-product of a thankful heart and with thanksgiving joy is being more magnified in our lives. It makes our heart cheerful and releases positivity. I want to release joy to people specially in the workplace. Whenever I get reunited with my college buddies, we tend to laugh as if there is no tomorrow. Our usual rants would be "happpiness" about work and it seemed that reality don't just bit but it devours our childhood bubble and welcomes us to the adulthood of responsibility and bills. So, joy is very essential for everyone. Let's be joyful this 2016! :)

    I'm asking God for ever increasing faith. I believe that as life gets tough, my faith will also increase. I expect difficulties and hard times this year. So, in preparation I am praying for ever increasing faith. It's not about anticipating for bad times, but living a life full of faith. :)


    This is the sum of all these four, growth. Have you heard about peter pan syndrome? I think I had this last year. It's a condition when man is unable to grow in maturity. I had difficulty in accepting life as is and I had fear of facing it, but then it's more frightening to be stagnant and unable to grow forever. God intended us to grow. So in all forms and with all heart and without reservations, I am ready to grow. :)
I hope you guys learn something from this blog. I pray that God would speak to you in hundred different ways and show you that the fullness of life can be found in Him. What are your thoughts on 2016? :)

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