Lunes, Abril 11, 2016

How to Adult: You have called me higher

The title of my blog is inspired by All Sons and Daughters' song: Called me Higher. This is my testimony about being called to higher grounds in your career and my reservations to go there. I can always live a life that is simple, safe and staying satisfied because I have Jesus. But you know what, the idea of safe life is building walls on our lives that restrained us to experience the greater power of God to lead us in places where He wants us to go. We can be just comfortable with our lives and miss the legit calling of Jesus. I cannot promise that you can get rid of your fears, doubts and reservations in life as you read this, but I can assure you a good news that even if you have those glitches, you are still called to higher grounds and the God who delivered Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, Esther, Jeremiah, Daniel, Peter, Paul, and the rest of the Bible characters- that same God shall deliver you as well.

I graduated in 2014 and flopped my first job. I lasted for three awful months and learned a lot more than I expected. It was stretching of character, emotion management, learning the hard way and testing of perseverance. I had a tough job and even a tougher boss. I shed tears (ate tears for breakfast, actually!) and laughed til I cracked. I made mistakes and made victories, too. When I left my first job, I thought to myself, "I can never be accepted easily on my next job. I might be labeled me as a quitter and a loser." I lost my self-confidence and found everything meaningless. I even asked God if this is the life He promised me. Am I really called for higher and greater things?

God is gracious to me and brought me to a new company two weeks after my resignation. I was hired to a start-up company in 2014 and  I started off as a researcher. I thought no one would want me, I was wrong. Then, after nine months, by the grace of God I was promoted as the Marketing head and took over a small number of people. The nine months was not smooth, I had glitches and made mistakes. There were times that I want to give up, sit and do nothing. There were few moments I felt lazy and discouraged about myself. I needed to exert more effort to learn each role and I needed to change my perspective. I needed to be willing and sometimes, you just have to do it and get it done. :)

February 2016 marked my one and a half year in the company and the management assessed my performance. They assigned me to a new role based on the assessment. I was already comfortable and loving what I am doing and if I'll get this new role, I had to learn again and start from scratch. I felt like God is putting me in places where I needed to be a kick-starter! The management says that this is my break, where I could learn more because of global exposure. The job is actually exciting and crucial, but amidst of those expectations, I thought to myself that I'll never be a master of one craft and I'll be a jack of all trades. At first, I don't want to have a new role because I was happy and contented with what I had. I was complacent and struggling. Have you felt that one point when you are just tired and wanted to give up? I was there, too. I resisted change, progress and challenges!

But you know what? I realized that I can be a master of start-up projects. My first job was a kick starter event then in my second job was in a kick-starter company and my roles are something I never had a background before. I've been placed to starting events, starting companies, starting projects and get to start a role I've never been. I can be a master of START-UPS. I am honored to be part of those start-ups and to spearhead job roles. Now, I have to go to the next level. 

I believe that as you read this, God is speaking to your heart that you and I are meant to start something new and called to go higher. You and I are not meant to be stagnant. We are called to progress! There is always the next level of your situation, a circumstance which will stretch you and will take you to the higher grounds. No one wins the race by complacency. You get to win with determination to press on to the next level and eventually, finish the race! You and I must press on and persevere (Philippians 3:14). I ain't a quitter and when I feel like I am- I take a knee and gathered strength in the presence of the One who conquered everything for me.

Be patient with your career, you are  a work in progress! God is molding you right now and He promised that He will never leave you nor forsake you in every situation. The journey might not always seem good- at most times it could be hard and painful, but rest assured that God is journeying with you and He who began the good work in you will carry it to completion. (Philippians 1:6)

God is about to bring me to higher grounds, pray for me as I attend an international expo in Taiwan on April 18th. God unlocks my next level and I am extending God's favor in your life, too. Pursue to your higher grounds. You are called to go higher!

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