Biyernes, Abril 1, 2016

Summer Escaped in Anawangin, Zambales

Sometimes, it's good to take a break from the heat of Metro Manila. I did my research and found a good summer escaped in an affordable price. Where would 1500 pesos can bring you? No other than Anawangin, Zambales. A good place to relax and just get connected with the simplicity of life.

It is my first time to travel with just relying upon blogs and research. My boyfriend and I were together on this trip. It is cheaper if you travel in groups because you get to share the expenses in boat transfer and cottages and food. The more the merrier!

It is not as cheesy as it looks like when you travel together, but you'll learn to appreciate your partner more. In all honesty, during the whole trip, Joshua seems more like my guy friend. It's good to know that the two of us can bond without clingy gestures.

Off to San Antonio, Zambales. So much sweat there! Thank you, sun.
From Cubao, we took the bus going to Olongapo (that is Php 207). I get to see San Fernando, Pampanga, and Olongapo. Masaya na akong nadaan yung mga lugar na yun. Then, we took an ordinary bus to San Antonio, Zambales (Php 45). Did anyone mention that when you rode an ordinary bus in the province, you get to feel and taste the place you are visiting? It was really fun even under the sun. Then, rode a tricycle going to Purok 2, Brgy. Pundakit.

Yes. Off we, GO!
Getting ready for island hopping.
Let me just say thank you to Nanay Josie of Amazing Pundakit for accommodating us. I was worried along the way because that we might pay more for the boat transfer. It was a weekday and there was only two of us in the boat. In my surprise, she offered us 1500 for the boat inclusive of island hopping to Capones and Camara Island. (Yey!)

CAMARA ISLAND is small and rocky. It is a good place to eat lunch with your friends and to take good pictures.

See the oily faces? Haha. Opps!

His Air Jordan Jump Shot
My Bad-Hair-Day Jump Shot 

And off to the next island, Capones Island where the lighthouse was located. According to history, the lighthouse guides the international vessels coming from the north towards Subic Bay. The first lit in 1890.

And here is our Anawangin Island experience:


It's great to have a 2 days rest and just connect with the nature! Til next adventure, my dearest! :)

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