Huwebes, Hulyo 28, 2016

Dear Self Notes #1

For the following days, I will be posting encouragement for everyone and for myself too. (it will fulfill the goal of this blog. Hehehe. To encourage anyway)

So for tonight, a very close friend of mine whose name is Shiela send me a song which I heard along time ago but tonight it made so much impact to my life. So thanks to her. Here is a self note number one: God is not finish yet!

Remember that YOU GOD'S BELOVED

Miyerkules, Hulyo 20, 2016

I will go to places?

In 2014, I received a word from the Lord that I am about to go to my promise land, where there is milk and honey, like Canaan of the Israelite. It was before I accepted the job I have right now. I also remember in my college days, a man prophesied to me that I will reach lands. I'm not quite sure if it's for mission or work-  not yet. It is something to find out over time. :)

Two years later, I find myself traveled two countries in Asia and receiving invitations to visit their countries for work and vacation. I have goals and plans which places to go for exhibitions and places to visit for vacation. I do not have such luxury to travel overseas. All my travels were paid by the company and I'm afraid that it would take a very long time for me to get out of the country coming from my own pocket. Hehehe.

But the call to go to places is really strong. I work with multi-races. I spoke with people from Ukraine, Turkey, Israel, US, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Middle East, and India just to name a few. It is a great privilege to work with such wonderful people coming from different culture and had a wide working experience. I can't help but learn from them and gain knowledge.

Setting the career aside, I have been pondering about going for global missions. (Not in a hurry, but might be in the future). I am checking my heart's motives if it's clear. I am not going for missions to have vacation and see good places and scenery. In my work as business developer, reaching places does not necessarily means good rest and vacation but actually it requires more work loads when overseas.

What if I throw the promising career that this position offers me and go for missions? This question has been echoing back and forth for almost 2 weeks now. 

Brokenness is a blessing

July 19th, Tuesday. I was on my way to the office, commuting as I usually do with my earphones plugged enjoying my jam while hitting the road to Philcoa. As we reached the place to drop off commuters, I immediately step my foot on the jeepney stair (if that's how it is called in english or better say apakan ng jeep). The next thing I know was, I fell off and hit the ground with my right foot twisted. I tried to get up, but it was so painful. All I was saying was, "Ang sakit!!" I forgot about the guy who slipped his umbrella that caused me to slip and fell. All I hear was "sorry miss" but he was too naive helping me get off my feet. After a few seconds, he came back and helped me get up but he did not say anything at all. I was blanked too. I felt the pain so much and I cannot walk straight. I called the taxi because it is really impossible to reach the office by walking  to MRT. 

So I went to office thinking that the pain will go away but it really hurts, so I called help from my good friend, Chico. He assisted me all the way to the clinic near our office. The doctor checked if I could move my toes and gladly, I could. He immediately applied first aid by pressing ice to my swelling foot then asked to get x-ray test. Thank God that I only got sprain and there was no fracture in the bones. The doctor asked me to get some rest and avoid walking for 2-3 days and take meds to ease the pain and heal my sprain foot.

I needed to go home to get rest because it was really painful so I waited for my brother to get me from the office. While on the road, I can't believe that I had a minor accident from that simple situation. I can't walk and even if I tried, pain is killing me. It is 8/10 pain. I wonder why it is so painful regardless that I don't have any bone fractured. One thing I am sure of is that all things work together for good.


Lunes, Hulyo 18, 2016

Change is what you have now.

Your past victories are your today's greatest mountain to conquer. Some people accepted you for what you have done from before but when a sudden change came and you got lost for a moment, those people would lose their grip on you. Simply because they were not with you in the journey and cannot simply accept that change in you. When that day comes, learn to accept the new you. Appreciate yourself in whatever season you are in to. Love yourself and keep on going.

There will be days when you will miss your old self too. You might also wish that you can go back to do the same old things. But you know you can't and it's not easy. Nothing happens twice in the same situation. Change embarks. Change has come. Change is what you have now.

Don't feel bad. Keep on going. You know in your heart when you are heading towards victory or mishap. You gotta know when to pause and when to press on. You know that very well. You gotta be wise whom you listen to. Gaze upon the perfecter and finisher of your faith. Only Him and through Him you shall conquer and continue living with joy and love.