Lunes, Hulyo 18, 2016

Change is what you have now.

Your past victories are your today's greatest mountain to conquer. Some people accepted you for what you have done from before but when a sudden change came and you got lost for a moment, those people would lose their grip on you. Simply because they were not with you in the journey and cannot simply accept that change in you. When that day comes, learn to accept the new you. Appreciate yourself in whatever season you are in to. Love yourself and keep on going.

There will be days when you will miss your old self too. You might also wish that you can go back to do the same old things. But you know you can't and it's not easy. Nothing happens twice in the same situation. Change embarks. Change has come. Change is what you have now.

Don't feel bad. Keep on going. You know in your heart when you are heading towards victory or mishap. You gotta know when to pause and when to press on. You know that very well. You gotta be wise whom you listen to. Gaze upon the perfecter and finisher of your faith. Only Him and through Him you shall conquer and continue living with joy and love.

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