Biyernes, Setyembre 2, 2016

Friday night at the office

I am spending my friday night in the office. Yep. I am waiting for something to be finished before we leave for weekend. And while I am waiting, I came over my two year old files. Here are some  of them:

Pang ID photo. Haha

#filter #noshame

I'm with Moon (right). She's no longer with me while Teng (left) is still here. 

this photo is creepy tho

when selfies are still legit and fun in the office. :)

And look what I found... our short trip in Tagaytay in January 2015 with our boss and the admin staff.

time flies so fast

happiness it is!

uh oh! now I feel like crying. Reminiscing. :'(


Perhaps, my friend is correct. We cannot leave yet- not this time. Maybe. Not this time. Endure more, Eunice. I've been here for two years and some days now. Konti pa.