Biyernes, Marso 31, 2017

Life lessons from a tough week

I've been through a lot recently and I'm so filled with so much stories and life lessons. Let me start with- God has been faithful in every season of my life. I am practicing to be grateful for whatever circumstances I've been through lately.

God supplies beyond immeasurable strength.

Our company participated on one of the biggest trade show for motorcycle parts in the Philippines and it requires me sleepless nights and up-to-morning jobs for almost a week. This may sound like I'm overreacting, but I'm gonna say it anyway- I've never been that tired on my entire life.

I remember that on the first day, I was already crying not because of any drama, but because I am thankful to the Lord for putting all those things together. At the end of the event, I also found myself crying and this time, it comes with a little bit of drama. Hahahaha Yet, I am still thankful to the Lord for giving me that immeasurable strength. My brother would attest to that since he's been my driver for that whole week.

At the last day of the event, I prayed out loud with my brother asking the Lord to protect us and help us by borrowing his strength and you know what, God did! That time, I know that our strength comes from the Lord. (and to be honest, I was afraid that I might collapse, but thanks to the Lord, he did not allow it to happen)

God is my strong tower, my help and my fortress,

This week, another challenge came to me. I learned that I am a victim of identify theft. My identity was used back in 2014 by someone and left more than ten thousand pesos debt. I was enraged, frustrated and puzzled. Why such thing happened to me? But still, it happened. I checked my heart and talk to the Lord.

I found a God as my help and my fortress, at the moment I know peace overtakes me. I followed all necessary procedure and now trusting God that he will clear my name. God is testing me, my character and trust to Him as my deliverer and my fortress, He is my greatest hero. :)

God is my purpose.

Something came up again in the office. Our CEO told me that I'll be juggling between two job roles and it made me feel uneasy. Whether they trust me or not, I still got questions despite of the answers that our CEO gave me. I squeeze through every brain cells in my head and I got a simple answer that draws me back why I initially work for that company. You know what it is? Simple. God is my purpose.

Whatever kind of job that this company gives me and whatever challenge they throw at me, God is my purpose and for a reason he put me there. Despite the urge to leave my current job and get the better opportunity, God dealt with me to stay. I'm still puzzled, but I'm trusting my Lord that for whatever reason, I am under his care and under his purpose.

All I have to do is to obey him and enjoy this season with Him.

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