Huwebes, Mayo 4, 2017

When God talks back ASAP

Have you ever had that experience when you utter a prayer and got an instant response from God through the bible? I just had that tonight, after a long time. I simply prayed tonight with all my heart and with all honesty. I utter words of humility to God and literally said everything I went through the whole day. I blurted worries, thoughts, fears and simply just all I could think of while in prayer. I prayed for sustainability and direction in life, career, relationship, family, and ministry.

You know what, this is what God told me in Isaiah 46:4

Miyerkules, Mayo 3, 2017

How could life be frustrating for a 23-year-old?

It is normal to get frustrated. We all had those moments! My adulthood just nearly started, I mean it took a while to sink in all the responsibilities and the realities of life. I ain't kid anymore. Life just gets tougher and we just need to grow ourselves to be tough too! You and I are still in the phase of adulting and there are life tests that we must surpass. This is for those 23-year-old out there!