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How could life be frustrating for a 23-year-old?

It is normal to get frustrated. We all had those moments! My adulthood just nearly started, I mean it took a while to sink in all the responsibilities and the realities of life. I ain't kid anymore. Life just gets tougher and we just need to grow ourselves to be tough too! You and I are still in the phase of adulting and there are life tests that we must surpass. This is for those 23-year-old out there!

1. Frustrations brought about the plans that become wishful thinking.

It's been three years since I graduated from college. It's been years since the idealistic fresh-graduate set her dreams in the real world with her hopes up. I remember reading from inspiring blogs and articles the famous quote from Benjamin Franklinif you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!  So I followed that simple advice. I plan both short term and long term goals. Surely, I was able to hit some goals and most were left hanging. Somewhat, I misunderstood the difference between planning and wishing. I was not able to execute most of my plan well, and those become a wishful-thinking.

Maybe like me, you've been so hard on yourself. People would advise that there is grace from God and you must be gracious to yourself too. Take it easy, daw! So I did.  My dad says that failure is part of life and I just need to get back on my feet, have faith in God and just keep moving. Even if my plans did not go well right now doesn't mean I cannot make it right in coming days. I've got to try again with the right motivation and that will-power to do so. (Believe me, this would take hundreds of pep-talk, thoughts while in the shower, and prayers)

He even said that I must not complicate my life. I just simply need to accept my shortcomings and move forward and press on. (Phew! Easier said than done)

2. I'm not getting any younger. PRESSURED!

Age gave me a sense of urgency and I know, I know! We're just 23 and there more drama that life will throw at us. Here are some #pressuredthoughts of a 23-year-old
  • #PRESSURE 1: May boyfriend/girlfriend ka na ba question? Whether you are happily single and satisfied or single and currently praying/preparing for that significant other, it's tiring to hear this question over and over, especially on family gatherings and reunions. You really just have to explain yourself to them. Singlehood is a gift, even if sometimes it's frustrating.
  • #PRESSURE 2: Kailan kayo magpapakasal? For those who had been in a long time relationship, you probably heard this question too. Everyone is rooting for the big day and the pressure goes to the both party. You know yourself that both has to be financially stable, emotionally, physically and spiritually ready. In my personal point of view, it's enough to be clear whether or not your relationship is heading towards marriage. If you're 23 and still playing, quit it, please! If yes, congratulations. Keep on, guys!
  • #PRESSURE 3: Kailan ka ba ga-graduate/Kailan ka mag-aaral ulit? You might be a 23-year-old college student who failed many times or someone who wanted to take a Master's Degree and you feel so pressured about life. For the undergrad, I believe you shall overcome! Believe in yourself too. For the Master's Degree-holder-wannabee, take courage and make your finances ready. Ask help from your college buddies to lend a hand, they never fail to help. At least kahit di sila nag enrol for MA, they are learning. I have a friend who is doing it. Hahaha!
  • #PRESSURE 4: Try ko kaya mabuhay mag-isa thought. If you are 23-year-old and still living with your parents (which I have nothing against with, yet finding it frustrating) who wanted to be independent but still contemplating because you want to be practical as possible, this is for you too! You and I have this desire of living by ourselves, first is you and I wanted to learn what it is to live outside the comfort of home and security from our parents. However, due to some circumstances financially, it's impossible to push through. I guess this is depending on your family's financial stability. If you are like me- the eldest, and probably the next bread winner this is a very hard option. But if you're not, go ahead! Live outside the nest of your parents and grow! :)

3. My career is getting nowhere!

You and I might be too complacent with our current job or just too risky that we're not able to stay long term with one employer; probably you and I lost our drive to work and started thinking about what we really want to do in life. Or maybe you just jumped off from one job to another but still end up failing. Why did this happen to us? You and I are the only people who can answer that question.

Impatience is the current disease among millennials, says the older generation. We're just impatient about our career and we want success in an easy way. The reality is, both of us know that we need to cut the slack and work our ass off to be better than who we are before. We compete with ourselves, not to anyone. I don't have the formula, I'm working on mine too. Yet, all I know is that when I do something I must commit to the Lord. Only by then, excellence would come out. (Colossians 3:23 & Proverbs 16:3)

It could be frustrating as of now, but you and I have to move forward as we progress in our career. 
If we want to get new results, we must also do something new. Enough of the old patterns of our working attitude and working perspective. 

4. I'm not good at handling my finances!

I still need help at this part of my life. A financial coach would be a great help! Hehehe. Here's what I really mean, we tend to be really bad at handling money.

I got my credit card in last quarter of 2014, due to the excitement I booked a flight to Macau for seven days to start off my 2015 with an overseas trip. I was so careless that I wasted my ticket and end up unable to go to the trip. I spent months paying for the first transaction of my credit card for nothing. It was a lesson learned for me. Let me also share my personal point of view in handling finances (I hope I'm getting better at this). 

1. Tithing is helpful in disciplining my financial habit. This is about giving the 10% of your salary to the Lord. It's acknowledging that everything I have comes from the  Lord.

2. I learn to save at least Php 500 per cut off. To be honest, this is hard to do. Hahaha.

If you're also bad at money, it's best to seek help. You don't want to wake up one day in bankruptcy. These points might not sum up all your frustration as 23 year old, but hey, I hope this post helps you at some point. Remember that you're not the only one in this battle, you have me and God. Let's overcome together! :)

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