Huwebes, Mayo 4, 2017

When God talks back ASAP

Have you ever had that experience when you utter a prayer and got an instant response from God through the bible? I just had that tonight, after a long time. I simply prayed tonight with all my heart and with all honesty. I utter words of humility to God and literally said everything I went through the whole day. I blurted worries, thoughts, fears and simply just all I could think of while in prayer. I prayed for sustainability and direction in life, career, relationship, family, and ministry.

You know what, this is what God told me in Isaiah 46:4

Now, what old age has to do with sustainability? As we age, we tend to fluctuate. In faith, many will grow cold and some who are first will be last. The world keeps on hitting us 'til our last days. The promise of God is he will sustain us in our youth, adulthood and up to our old age. He never changes. The epitome of sustainability is God himself. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

I wanted to share this verse with my Mom and Dad as an encouragement to whatever they are going through. As they age, I wanted to let them know that God is He who sustains, made them and carries them all throughout. 

As for me, a life of faith in God is an adventure of highs and lows. For a while and again, I am trying to get the wheel from Him and drive it on my own. I trusted myself too much as if I can do it all. I am constantly reminded that I need God in every season. He carries me. He sustains me. He made me. Whether I am young or old my dear Father in heaven is ever present all the time. He is the God of sustainability and surely he rescues me. I am so assured tonight and I am sharing that to you as well.

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