Martes, Hulyo 31, 2018

This is a leap of faith

I wanted to take a leap of faith. This is going to be uncomfortable, but I am sure that there is growth there.

It's been more than a year now since I stayed at home and started freelancing. I never thought that I could extend for another seven months working at home. In my prayer, I plead to God that He would sustain me until the end of 2017 and He did because He is faithful.

Today, I wanted to blog about God's faithfulness in my life. He was, He is and always will be. But despite the truth, my heart wavers every time I am about to make a decision that could cause me discomfort. God is faithful but I  waited so long before stepping into the waters.

For the record, I am scared.

"Scare of what?" you may ask.

I am just scared of changing my routine- extra nights of studying, long hours of reading, sending tons of paperssssssss, handling deadlines apart from my deadline at work- I mean I can name every fear I could think of right now. But what I am most scared of is the version of myself whom I'm about to abandon and the person I am about to become.

Not because I don't want to be better, but because I'll be shredding some old skin to have a new one.

Change is painful too. But for what its worth, I'm ready to dive in.

So, I am clinging to God's faithfulness, that He who began the good work in me will carry it into completion at the day of Jesus Christ. (Phil 1:6)

Here I go. God be with me.

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