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The Power Of Small Wins: Satisfaction In Christ

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I recently posted a new photo on my Instagram discontentment brought by the absence of what you want in life and how Christ can fill that gap, bring satisfaction, protection from bitterness in times of want and pride in times of abundance.

As I went through waters and valleys in life, I slowly learned and found my way to conquer.

Conquering Bitterness In Times Of Want

We achieve goals by being intentional and taking action on our goals. But there are months or even a season in my life that I felt bitterness for not having what I want.

It was 2017 when I decided to work remotely and at the comfort of my home. I was half-hearted. I kept on seeking for a corporate role that can sustain my needs and wants. For seven months I was bitter and contemplating if I should continue working-from-home.

I hid from friends and stayed most days at home.

Within those seven months, my only prayer to God is to sustain me.

Yes. I went through dark valleys. I knew that freelancing has more to offer. I just have to be patient.

My faith in Christ kept me & sustained me. Little did I know that I'm about to achieve a small win.

I won patience & dependence on God in times of want. I trusted Him.

You know what's the next thing happened?  I received an offer from a company based in Malate, Manila. It was the greatest salary offering I received from a company. (around 40k/monthly)

They offered a great stack of employee benefits, 3 days working in the office and 2 days working-from-home and a massive amount of monthly salary.

I did not accept the offer. WHY?

I was not at peace and restless. At that point, I let go of what I wish I have despite it was at the most crucial season of the year- December!

All I know is that God shall sustain me. I was contented with my current earning back then which was not even half of the offered salary.

Two weeks before 2017 ended, I received another offer home-based client. My first small win was that. The moment I surrendered my wants to God, He has another plan in mind. A better plan!

God opened 2018 with a financial breakthrough!

Six months later, I felt the need of being with people.

I asked God to bring me to people without taking me away from my current work.

The way he answered it was very unexpected. I was able to have two full-time clients which required me to hire a person to work with at home.

Answered Prayers & Fulfilled milestones

God sustains me until the end of 2017
✓ Financial Breakthrough (all happened in 2018)
✓ Be with people again (it happened Q4 of 2018)
✓ Be registered as a professional freelancer in BIR (compliance with the government)

These are my small wins by the grace of God. They brought me to where I am now. 

Conquering Pride In Times of Abundance

There are plenty of warnings mentioned in the scripture about the pride of life. With wealth and abundance of success in life, people tend to forget the Lord their God.

Not 100% forgetting God but you know what I am talking about. We spend lesser time with God. We tend to neglect His words, the truth and all the warnings.

This is something that I am aware of and I hope as you read this, you become aware too.

For sure you also experienced when work demands more time, energy and focus.

Facebook & Instagram becomes more needed than reading God's word.

I was digging for my own destruction. But I was hard headed. It took me several warnings, dreams and rebuke from the Lord and the people around me.

I tried to do things on my own strength. God was just there. Silently watching me.

His grace caught me. I just turned to Him once more. Asked for forgiveness.

Then I fall short again and again and again.

I used the phrase "I am a work in progress" as an excuse to cover all my deliberate disobedience to God and my mistakes.

I got tired of doing things my way.

I just wake up one day crying myself asking God for forgiveness and acknowledging that I may fail Him again and again and again- that by His grace, I will stand still.

God showed me mercy.

I do not intend to do wrong in the eyes of God. I do not intend to forget God in times of abundance.

I am continuously doing the following:

✓ Honouring God with the wealth He gave me (Proverbs 3:9)
✓ Acknowledging God in all of my ways (Proverbs 3:6)
✓ Delighting myself to the Lord by starting & ending my day with a prayer, reading & meditation of His words at least 10-15minutes in the morning (Psalm 37:4-7)


Success in life doesn't happen from one main event.

It consists of good & bad episodes and seasons.

Sometimes we have to go through valleys, pass through waters and conquer mountains.

The goal is to make improvements, no matter how small bounded by time.

As for me, I always set goals with God every six months.

It is a purpose-driven Christ-centered life.

God is aligning all things for your good. The best is yet to come.

We resonate more of God's presence, glory and power to the world through small wins. And even those stories that are on progress- God is working.

Here's my favourite worship song right now.


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