Miyerkules, Hunyo 19, 2019

Whatever we focus on, we become.

I am not at my best state to blog right now and talk about what must be done and what not. Like you, I also have some bad episodes.

You may think where this blog is going but hold your horses.

I'd like to know your thoughts & emotions when you experienced a great deal of persecution, disapproval and refusal?

The normal human response to this kind of situation would definitely not happiness.

But what can we do when the reality is we cannot always win. There are days, weeks, months and even years when will we experience defeat.

Here's something that helped me a lot today and reminded me of a quick paradigm shift:

"Whatever we focus on, we become."
Do you agree to this?

It's where we invest our energies and even attention, those things and thoughts will develop.

It is when you crave for your favorite wintermelon milk tea then soon or later you'll find yourself sipping and chewing on those bubba pearls.

The thoughts will stir your desires and emotions that will eventually cause you to follow it and make a decision.

Now, going back to my opening statement. Sometimes, we have those bad episodes.

  • Disapproval from a colleague at work or from our boss.

    "Nakakapagod na tong trabaho na to. Under paid na nga, di pa ka pa na appreciate tapos di pa nagbibigay ng proper credit sa totoong nakaisip ng idea! It's so unfair."
  • Queuing lines waiting for the jeep to arrive as we leave for work and when we go home.

    "Anong oras na! Late nanaman ako. Ano 'pinas! Walang pag usad? Walang pagbabago?"
  • An argument with family members who refused to give their monetary share at home

    "Ako nanaman ang gagastos sa lahat! Anong akala nyo, tumatae ako ng pera. Laging ako nalang. Gumawa naman kayo ng paraan!"
  • A disagreement from a person who matters to you

    "Ang sakit lang na hindi tayo magkaintindihan. Of all, sana ikaw tong nakakaintindi sa sitwasyon ko. Nakakapagod na to."

You see, all I mentioned here are bad episodes or negative things.

If we focus only on the negative things in our lives, we become negative people which includes our conversations. We tend to lose our joy and live miserable lives and it all started with our own thinking.

We all experience problems in life and more often we do not realize that we are creating them ourselves by what choosing to think about.

I am challenging myself and you too, to think about what we are thinking about!

Does it make sense?

I repeat, I challenge you and me to think about what we are thinking about.

Let's take control and starve ourselves from negative thoughts. Because it is the fuel to discouragement, depression and many other unpleasant emotions.

You and I can think about:

  • What is wrong with our lives or about what is right with them.
  • What is wrong with all the people we are in a relationship with or we can see the good and meditate on it.

I pray for you and for myself too that may God forgive us for focusing our thoughts on things that are not pleasant in His sight. Lord, help us fill our mind with thoughts that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy.  In Jesus' name. Amen.

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