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Finding my 'whys' in losing weight

"Hi _____! Uy, kamusta! Tumaba ka ah!"

Have you heard this line from a neighbour, a relative or a friend?

I bet you do!

I am guilty of saying this line. And I also bet that you said this to someone too. (if you're a female because we have the same wires)

Women are guilty of being conscious of someone else's weight.

And even more guilty of being dramatically conscious of their own weight as they grow older.

Some women found empowerment through acceptance. And I am coming from the place of acceptance of whatever body shape you have, you are beautiful.

It's hard to talk about weight without touching the body shape and standard of beauty.

So before we dive in, I really wanted to make that disclaimer.

I do not shame curvy and voluptuous body shape nor hail the petite.

Each body shape is beautiful in its own way.

I think this video is a great way to kick off my blog:

My body image

I believe that I am beautiful regardless of my body shape. I am beautifully and wonderfully made according to my Maker. That teaching is planted in my core.

I accepted the truth that I am getting bigger and my metabolism rate is very slow.

I do not feel healthy with my current body.

My present lifestyle is sluggish. I have no physical activity unless I deliberately do something out of the usual.

I don't mind being chubby. But I'm slowly losing my strength and my breath even with the small physical task.

Thus, one of my whys is health. I wanted to be healthier. I wanted to be physically strong so I can do more.

My love for food

I can never deny my love for food, especially meat! I can eat almost anything.

But I am now learning the importance of eating the right food that my body needs for proper nutrition.

In order to be healthy, I have to kiss pork and beef goodbye.

Just the thought of it, sobrang hirap na.

But I must conquer for a better version of my body's well being.

What is the ultimate 'why'?

Apart from being healthy now is considering a future where I can be a physical fit wife and a mother.

Hold your horses! I am not getting married yet.

I am just saying that I know a lot of women within my circles who are diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and it is caused by the unhealthy diet.

That is my ultimate why.

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