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How Resilience Can Deliver You To Your Next Destination

I have been working remotely since 2017. I no longer travel daily; face the hellish traffic in EDSA; stay in line for the MRT; daily encounter a toxic environment in the office. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider working remotely!

Yes! I liberated myself from the traditional way of having a career.

Remote work is sustainable until such time that the contract has to end. Or when the client goes out of budget or has to cease operations. That, my dear readers, is the greatest nightmare of every Filipino freelancers.

In the course of time working as a home-based professional, I already lost four clients.

Three of them were project-based and one of them ceased contract due to insufficient fund.

You see, jobs and businesses will never be secured. There will always be a chance of losing it. Even if you are working in an office, this could happen to you too. Somethings are beyond our control.

This is why we all need to learn resilience.

What is Resilience?

My personal definition of resilience is being at peace with yourself and with others. Being resilient is graceful and calm towards harsh circumstance, being level headed despite the chaos.

I believe that each person has their own threshold to keep their calm. There are some who can't be resilient, perhaps they reached their boiling point and badly needed an outlet to release the tension inside them. 

For a person who works from home, resilience is a must!

Truth be told!

No man is an island. If being alone is not your strength, working-from-home means intentionally leaving home for socialisation. If this is your weakness, you might breakdown mentally and emotionally, that is why cultivating resilience is a must.

There's no accountability unless you have a family, faithful friend or significant other who will listen to your wins and failures. If you want to be a lone wolf, inhabit resilience.

You got you! Each decision is yours to own. Where you are right now is because of the collective decision you made in the past. When things went out of the plan, resilience will help you get through it.

I went through a season of drought and resilience became a friend.

It's fun to personify words and emotion. When you lost a client, you'll discover three friends:

  1. Fear and his cousin, panic!
  2. Worry and her partner, doubt.
  3. Hope and resilience.

Fear will come into you, that's for sure! If you are not secured financially, panic will attack. You'll find yourself worrying about everything and possibly doubt your decision of becoming a freelancer or a remote worker.

But since you're an adult, being friends with fear, panic, worry and doubt is not something you can't dwell for a long time. Here's where you meet hope. She gives you a reason to keep moving forward and back up by resilience, you'll recover and bounce back from the harsh reality of life.

Congratulations on passing the first phase.

When you lose something, there are hundreds of possibilities that await you! Are you ready?

It's sad to lose a client. But you know what, I never thought that I'll be needing resilience in times when great opportunities are waiting for me. It's something positive, right?

I once thought that resilience is only for sad circumstances, I was wrong.

Have you ever been in front of a crowd to perform? I watched several videos from America's Got Talent, X-Factor, The Voice and the likes. I notice that when the performer finished their successful performance, they got stunned and overwhelmed by the crowd's cheer! It made them cry sometimes.

Please meet another friend named, overwhelming.  Right now I have more than three clients with more than one project each that is waiting!

It's overwhelming and sometimes it can also paralyze you from taking actions because your head is not levelled. 

In this sense, I reckon resilience is a must too and a good chill.

Relax. Keep your head levelled and get things done, one step at a time.

Here are some of my actions with the help of my friend, resilience.

  • Prayer and meditation
  • Good music for the soul. 
  • A good book to read in the morning and at night
  • A phone call with a friend
  • Quick catch up with someone who is accountable to me
  • A private time to gather my inner thoughts (sometimes with a good hot bath)
  • Doodling or mind-mapping
  • Recording my voice as I reflect on my current situation
  • A cup of tea
  • Starring at the vast sky, I enjoy both day & night
  • Deep inhale & exhale
  • Sleep (a lot of sleep)
  • And lastly, staying away from social media so I can avoid ranting there.

My prayer for you...

For sure, you did not go here by accident. You probably click this blog because you are going through something or overwhelmed by a circumstance. So, I pray for your peace of mind and heart. I pray that you'll find answers to your questions. I pray that you'd recover from the battle wounds. Please know that your story is not over yet. Our lives have seasons and your episode today is not your ending. We have been given a gift called "present". I pray that you use your present wisely to live a purposeful life, resilience is a friend. Please take it with you as you leave my blog page. Know that Jesus loves you!

Cheers to us, resilient being!

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