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Coachella Year End Party 2019 of Filipina Homebased Moms

I was invited by the Founder of Filipina Homebased Moms(FHMoms) Community, MK Bertulfo to join their awesome and amazing year-end party last December 7, 2019. I enjoyed it so much and I'd love to share the highlights of this fun-filled event for Moms and their families.

But first, let me give you a bit of a backstory about the FHmoms Community.

Filipina Homebased Moms

It started as an online community that supports Moms to work-from-home. The vision to start this community was driven by MK's own experience as a young mom. She faced challenges to balance family and work. Having to commute daily through heavy traffic in Metro Manila, she often missed quality time with her son. Because of this, she opted to transition to working remotely. 

She then realised that she could help other moms to experience the convenience of working remotely. Thus, she started the community of Filipina Homebased Moms.

So, are you a mom who needs help in getting home-based work? FHmoms is the best community to get started, as it is the first and the biggest parenting and freelancing group for Filipino Moms in the Philippines.

Why the heck are you there, Eunice? You're not even a mom yet.

I know! Over the course of time, I became friends with MK and also collaborated for Working Remote Conference 2019. And I love being with Mommies. I'm learning a lot from them.

Despite being single, (because I'm not married yet but I'm about to. Yey!) FHmoms open its door to all FILIPINA- with or without kids, single or married. Perhaps like me, you can call yourself the FHTita. ;)

And so, please don't isolate yourself, girl! Because one day or so, you'll become a mom too and this community can help you for sure!

Braving the commute from North to South

Your girl is located in the far-flung area of Rizal and without any hesitation, she braved to commute from North to South. Come on! Give her a round of applause. Just kidding.

The Coachella Party happened in Max's Restaurant in Sucat, Paranaque. And as I enter the function room, I bump into Fred Mosqueda, our host during Working Remote Conference. Yey! I started the day with a familiar face.


I've been with several freelancing events and by far, FHMoms really set apart from the rest. First thing I saw were kids lined up for the facepaint. I was so jealous because I want it too. The child in me got excited. Haha.

The second thing that greeted me was the beautiful and hardworking FHmoms events team and volunteers. I mean, uh-mazing!

Special shout out to Jenny who is also part of Filipino Freelancers with Australian Clients. Love you gurl!

Here's a great highlight for the set up of this party- THE PLAY AREA!

I mean, this is the first freelancing event with kids as the priority. I love how parents and their kids get to play together in an event that supports balanced work, life and family.

More Familiar Faces At FHMoms Coachella Party 2019

Aside from the joy of being with kids, meeting MK and the FHmoms trainers, it always feels like home seeing familiar faces in the Philippine's freelancing industry. These are the people I am grateful for because meeting them is both honour and a great joy. 

With Daise Virtudazo

Ms Gina Romero, Founder of Connected Women

MK Bertulfo, Founder of Filipina Homebased Moms

With Leodivine Quizon, one of our speakers at Working Remote Conference

L-R: Fred Mosquida, Daise Virtudazo, Eunice Arpet, Elbert Guintivano
Fabio Aromatici of Storynights Manila & Freedom Summit

And the best of all, I was reunited with my previous Marketing Manager in Working Remote and PayStaff, Ms Jenni Foronda. She was one of the panellists at the event.

The event went on until the late afternoon. Unfortunately, I have to leave to go for another appointment but overall, FHmoms Coachella Year-End Party was a success!

It was fun-filled and also the attendees get a lot of value from the amazing list of speakers that were there. Kudos to MK and the rest of the FHmoms events team for pulling off an amazing party for kids and parents.

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