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Most Rewarding Part About Working From Home According to 50 Filipino Home-Based Professionals

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Almost everyone I know is looking for a long-term home-based job. Especially that there's no vaccine for COVID19. With this pandemic, going outside to work or even look for a job is very risky.

Many Filipino professionals shifted to work-from-home as part of the new normal. I personally have a friend who hates it! She said it's better to work from the office and yep- I know that working from home is not for everyone. There's a learning curve for most employees to get the hang of it.

Well, the real picture of working remotely or working from home is very different from what we are all experiencing right now. Before this pandemic, our working set up is very ideal and promising for many Filipinos working in the Metro.

So to give you all a perspective, I asked our community of home-based professionals: what is the most rewarding part about working from home and below are their answers:

From the work-at-home parents

1. Jen said, "Right now, I feel safe being at home and at the same time, masaya na kahit nasa bahay lang ako, kumikita ako. Naaalagaan ko pa si Benj, makikita ko how he grows at na enjoy ko yung motherhood."

2. Kai and Tes said, "Being with your family".

3. Jennifer said, "Family time!." You will surely have plenty of time with your loved ones at home. 

4. Marinelli said, "Seeing my kids every day and able to cook them good meals. Bonus- can do breastfeeding to my baby at any time."

5. Gracie Labrador said. "unli kiss sa mga kids anytime."

6. Victoria  said "Having to work & take care of my kid when she's sick ❤️💯😁"

7. Eloisa  said, "I’m homeschooling my kid while working, can do household chores and save a lot of time..can work whatever you look like, without makeup on, wearing short, slipper etc."

8. Arlene  said, "as a single mom, it's really the fact that I can be with my kids all the time."

9. Dyan said, "An income without ceiling, your office is just a few steps away from your bedroom and the bestest part, I am earning my own money without having to depend on my husband's salary and still be a hands-on mom to my son! ❤️"


10. Crystal said,  "Having the flexibility to care for my kids while earning money. The best talaga. No need to leave them or have someone take care of them instead. Ang lakas maka-Wonder Womom feel!"

11. Mary Grace said, " be with my family ❤️😍, ang plant vegies in our mini garden..."

12.  Nelia said, "Nagluluto ng breakfast while working basta hinde loaded.. giving milk to my son while on duty.. maligo in between ng work.. after work direcho na SA room.. 🤗🤗🤗"

13. Janelle said, "Being able to take care of the kids and seeing their milestones, report to work kahit kababangon lang at mugto pa ang mata and no restrictions sa mga pwede mapanuod while working."

14. Jhym said, "Not missing any of my kids milestone and taking the opportunity to create your own milestone too."

15. May said, "Successfully breastfed my son for 3 years. I never missed any school events. I can work any time I want."

16. Erica said, "Breastfed my kid even during meetings while working. I can turn my cam off."

17. Fatima said, "Being a mom, a wife and still productive financially all at the same time."

18. Donna said, "I got to see my daughter grow up. If my family needs me, I'm there for them."

19. Joan said,  "Take care of my kids, wear comfy clothes,can watch movies on my free time...can get some "nap" in the afternoon"

Here's an honourable mention...

20. Sam said, "I get to care for my bedridden parent and work in bed beside her until her last day. The pain could have been deeper if my mama departed while I was busy working in the office that is far from home."

From the comfy #TeamBahay all the way,

21. Raisa said, "Wearing comfy clothes 😎😅" 

22. Yome said, "Working with out bra🤣 sorry TMI🤣🤣🤣"

Yas, gurl!

23. Norie said, "Hindi na kailangang magkilay 😅"

24. Tine  said, "yung di mo kailangan tiisin pag na poop kna!! hahaha!!!"

OMG!! I know, right!!!

25. Joredyl said, "pede ka hindi maligo or pede ka maligo ng maligo pag gusto mo, either way,hahaha, Unli use of CR.hahaha.. walang kuskos balumos, At higit sa lahat pedeng mangulit sa mga babies ko, hahaha."

26. Lone  said, "Wala kang nalilimutan. Wala kang naiiwan na wallet, susi, baon, or ID."

Oh this moment!! Thank God for work-from-home. We don't need to forget important things.

27. Jeselle said, "Can work with my pajamas"

28. David  said, "Pants, what pants?"

29Generoso  said  "not a care when one forgets to toothbrush"

I know, right!! Hahaha.

30. Jay said, "Being with my dog."

Wassup, fur-parents!!

From the work-from-home food enthusiasts,

31. Joy  said, " less stress, more output, free flowing food on top of it you enjoy every single minute with your family!!!"

32. Ritchel said,  "More naps and food sa station 🤣"

33. Jeanel said, "pwede ka kumain kahit kailan mo gusto and syempre kasama mo family ❤️❤️❤️"

34. Len  said,  "kumain habang nag wowork. walang pakialamerong katrabaho na sasabihan ka ng ang dami naman ng kinakain mo kaya ka tumataba. hahaha"

35. Barb said "Being able to eat anytime you want to eat!"

36. Joe said,  "Can work in my bed while eating and watching tv"

37. Abigail said, "You get to be comfortable working on your comfortable outfit, can do breaks, can eat drink play while working, and can get to live near your family, good work life balance "

38. Lendy " said, eating the best meals!!!"

39. Ate said, "Cook your own meals, seeing your kid's, doing your laundry while working, and such...Life work balance"

40. Sam said,  "No traffic. Comfy clothes. Home cooked meals. 🙂"

Those who found freedom through work-from-home

41. Erra said, "I don't have to dress up for work, and wear high heels and then end up exhausted with the commute to and from the office. When I started working from home, that's when I was able to save a lot and buy my desktop, new laptop, and a plethora of other useful stuff all in cash :). If I didn't venture in the wfh community, I'd still be penny-pinching by now, and no financial freedom."

42. Melody said, "Can travel without worrying if your filed leaves will be approved by the boss or not and free from exhausting traffic"

43. Jessica  said, " Flexible time💙"

44.  Wendy  said, "Time is money so lahat ng oras bayad 🤑💸."

45. Danica said, "I don't need to mingle with other people"

46. Sofie said, "Not needing to smile a lot to look nicer (RBF problems lol) 😅😂"

47. Paz said, " earning $$$ 🤑🤑🤑 at the comfort of ur room and multi tasking nagwowork hbang nag FB and makinig ng news 🤣"

48. April  said, "Stop any minute you want lay down in the bed sleep 20 min and get back to work.No commute no traffic. Its life 😍"

49. Lindt Santos - Brinas  said, "Dati pag galing ka office iisipin mo pa una mo gagawin paguwi. Ngaun iba, habang nasa bahay ka, Umaandar na Washing Machine mo, tapos Nagsasaing ka narin at nagpapakulo ng Sinigang na Baboy para sa lunch nyo. Bwahaha!! 😂 Sabay sabay. Habang ung mga anak mo pde mo check anu gnagawa nila. Nasa room ba? or nasa balcony? or saan parte ng bahay nyo. Hahhaa!!😂 Ung damit mo suot ng trabaho ka ng umaga un din damit mo pag matutulog ka na. Dati palit damit ka pa. Hehe.. Super tipid in all aspects. Wala pamasahe gastos. Wala nauubos na oras sa byahe. At Less DAMIT. Kasi lagi ka Short, Tshirt then No Bra* Wala na Pants. Hahhaa!!😂"

50. Marc said, "No need to participate in children's party for adults in the office."

Closing words from Eunice

And that's it! I give you the top 50 answers of Filipino Home-based professional from my community, Filipino Freelancers With Australian Clients.

One day I hope more Filipinos will try working from home- without the factor of the pandemic so they'll get a better perspective of this career set up.

If you wish to learn more about working remotely, I am one of the contributors of the FREE course published by Remote Staff, an outsourcing agency specialising giving home-based job opportunities to all Filipinos. Click here to access it!

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