Biyernes, Enero 1, 2021

Life Update + First post for 2021

Let's start off by saying... Happy New Year!!!

Since this is a life update post, I'd like to share that your girl is no longer single!

Yes! I got married last October 30, 2020.

Posted by Half Press Studio on Friday, November 27, 2020

While my husband and I are enjoying this new season, another surprise came along! It was November 22 when I found out I'm pregnant!

I never thought of getting pregnant this early but we both prayed that we conceive before 2020 ends. So, here's how I...

Posted by Eunice Punzalan - Juanzo on Tuesday, December 8, 2020

I shared this story to my Facebook and Instagram. And since my holiday break is about to end, I was able to squeeze to update my blog.

The past two months of 2020 was a series of highs and lows in both of our families. But God is good because we survived the year and hereon facing the new year with new hope and strength.

Unlike in the previous year, I missed going to Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain. It's a year-end activity that I've been doing. Regardless of the location, I can still utter my thanksgiving, prayers and petition to the Lord. And that's what all matters.

So, what are my expectations for 2021?

In all honestly, wala!

I'm just preoccupied with pregnancy that all I could think of is the day I'll meet my baby. 

But of course, I need to function well in my work and services I provide to my clients.

I guess I needed to postpone my plan to grow a new community. (I'll post a blog about that soon!)

And I'll be sharing about 'mommy and pregnancy' updates for sure!

I kinda want to create videos too. Depende siguro sa sipag at lakas namin ni baby. Hehehe.

The second day of 2021, what have you been up to?

Obviously, I wrote this first blog entry for 2021. Hehehe. I also watched several videos about investment opportunities because I wanted to diversify my money.

Right now, I have a 14,000 pesos spare that I can diversify. I already invested- 1000 pesos and continuously learning.

 I'm exploring low-risk investment like Peso Money Market Fund (via ATRAM inside Gcash app) and crowdfunding. I can't mention the company yet, because I'm not done with my research.

Anyway, this investment research is bloody and I needed to take a break from watching videos that's why I'm blogging about it right now. Hehehe.

Are you scared of 2021?

Not really. I am confident of God's sovereignty and protection for this new year.

Naniniwala ako na wala akong dapat ikatakot ngayong taon.

Madami akong dapat ipanalangin at idulog sa Diyos, pero hindi ako dapat matakot.

And that's it! Those are just some of the life updates from me. I hope to be more active in blogging and sharing valuable tips and insights about life and everything in between. 

God bless you!

Much love from soon-to-be Mommy,


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