About Me

Eunice is raised in a Christian home and the eldest among four brothers. She started blogging in 2009, with goal of expressing her three AM thoughts.

She realized that blogging could also become a means of inspiration and encouragement to its readers. So, she redesigned the blog and changed most of its content. 

The goal is to make an impact through writing. She believes that these letters could affect someone else's life.

Her Work

Eunice is an expert digital marketer, growth hacker, and an advocate of remote working.

After working in the remote working industry for almost 3 years, she has found that her true calling is in helping Filipinos transition to remote work for their life goals.

Eunice contributed noteworthily to the Filipino remote working community for the past year.

Just last September 2019, Eunice is instrumental to the success of the "Working Remote Conference," which is the biggest remote working summit in the Philippines.

Alongside her CEO's vision, the Working Remote Conference helped hundreds of aspiring Filipino freelancers to start achieving their dream lifestyle through remote working.

She also spearheaded the continuous growth of the FB group "Filipino Freelancers with Australian Client (FFAC)."

The FFAC is a community that helps both aspiring and veteran freelancers with free skills training and webinars, remote working opportunities, and networking among members.

In less than a year, the FFAC has grown to 16,000 active members and counting.

With these achievements, Eunice grew her influence in the Filipino remote working and freelancing industry.

She became a guest in the "Freelance Blend Podcast," a resource speaker at the "Fulfilled Women Community" and a keynote speaker in different schools like "The School of the Holy Spirit Quezon, City," among others.

Eunice is not stopping anytime soon. She is passionate and driven to help Filipinos get their goals through remote working.

Colossians 3:23 that whatever I do, I work at it with all my heart, as working for the Lord and not for men.

The Biggest Why

After knowing the love of Jesus, her agenda in life completely changed. 

This blog is to point glory to Jesus and reflect his goodness in my life. 

Eunice's biggest why is to fulfil her calling through serving God by serving and loving others. 


As you read this blog, I pray that you may find Jesus' love and his ever-increasing glory. 

I pray that through this blog post, you'll be encouraged in a hundred different ways. 

I pray and declare for the door of salvation be open upon your life. 

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