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About Me

Writing. Inspiring. Encouraging. Living.

I cannot think of any grand introduction about myself. Maybe because there's nothing much to know about me, but for the sake of this page I'll share a glimpse of who I am.

Raised in a Christian family and the eldest among four crazy brothers, I am really the flower among the thorns. I started blogging back in 2009, I was in high school and it was my way of expressing three AM thoughts. I was a blogger user since then. I tried other free blog hosting sites, but we did not get along. Maybe you really stick with someone you've been together for a long time. (naks!)

Aside from expressing my thoughts, I realized that blogging could also become a means of inspiration and encouragement to its readers. So, I redesigned my blog and changed most of its content. I aim to make an impact through writing. Who knows, these letters could affect a major change to someone else's life, right?

My hobbies, aside from blogging

Full-time food lover. Part-time Traveller. Singer once a week. Documentary Director in the future. Frustrated Photographer. Graphic Designer once a every blue moon.

My work

*As of November 2016* I am currently seeking for a new job where I could stay for longer time. I pray that I could be a blessing to my next job and they could be a blessing to me, too. I really don't want to compromise my Saturdays and Sunday for those are sacred to me. It's a time where I could go for an extra mile in the ministry. I am not really after the position and bigger salary though it sounds good. I am after the opportunity of becoming a light to the working area. I told my former employer what keeps me going every day to work hard is my faith based on Colossians 3:23 that whatever I do, I work at it with all my heart, as working for the Lord and not for men.

My agenda

After I knew the love of Jesus for me, my agenda in life completely changed. The main reason I pursued this blog site is to share His love to people. My experiences, both the beauty and the ugly, are being written by my Creator. I consider Him the greatest Author of the entire eternity. I cannot thank God more than enough for this life that he had given me... so much that I can't express well in words.

My prayer

As you read my blog, I pray that you may find Jesus' love and his ever increasing glory. I pray that through this blog post, you'll be encouraged in a hundred different ways. I pray and declare for the door of salvation be open upon your life. All you need is Jesus into it.

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